We’re all rethinking weddings right now I reckon. All the preconceptions of what a wedding “should” be are being flung out of windows and we’re downsizing while shifting the focus from colour palettes and decor onto family and the luxury of just being together. So as always, when a York Place Studios wedding comes along, I’m thrilled because that refreshing, different, glorious perspective shines brightly.

Rachael and Charlie were married way before lockdown was a thing. They tied the knot at One Friendly Place and chose London wedding photographers York Place Studios to capture their day. I love their wedding for being so family orientated, for being an amazing celebration without all the expectations that come with the word wedding (big white dress; formal dining, structured timelines and everyone behaving a little formally) – it’s a party for adults and kids to enjoy, where the bride isn’t above putting on a spiderman cape to play with her little batman. Oh, and my favourite picture? Zebra meets elephant. Keep scrolling!

Rachael & Charlie's alternative family wedding at One Friendly Place, with York Place Studios (5)


How beautiful your wedding looks is kind of a minor detail compared to how much fun you all have. In years to come you’ll remember the laughter, the love, the FEELING of that day more than any pretty piece of decor. That’s the side of Olivia & Elliott’s amazing London wedding we’re sharing here – the overwhelming happiness, the emotions and the sheer joy of a wedding day. They celebrated at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, and London wedding photographers York Place Studios captured the vibe of their wedding BRILLIANTLY.

Olivia & Elliott's epic party of a London wedding at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, with York Place Studios (35)

Now I’m a Mini girl – always have been and it’s all I’ve ever driven – so the photo of Olivia drinking champagne from the bottle as Elliott drove them from the Kingdom Hall to the reception in their green Mini made me grin – I just LOVE this image! That absolutely classic little car had room for the happy newlyweds AND their wedding photographers to drive through the streets of London – and gave a perfect opportunity for some stunning street wedding photography, literally, from York Place Studios!


Inspired by London wedding photographer and confetti-moment-nailer Jordanna Marston

When I’m asked about wedding traditions, the one golden oldie I can’t let go of is confetti. I bloody love it: the joyful moment when you’ve said your vows, finished the nervous bit of the day and are finally surrounded by your guests – and then a rainbow of bits of loveliness is released into the sky for you. It looks amazing – it looks like it feels amazing! And you know what? I always find myself grinning back at the screen when I see a brilliant confetti photo. Right now, I have face ache from smiling at the gorgeous pics we’re decorating this blog post with!

Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (6)

Your confetti moment – and your confetti photos – can be really great. Or they can be epic and exciting and bursting with fun and colour and laughter!

Here are 20 tips to help you nail your EPIC confetti moment!


Image credit London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (14)


Inspired by the fabulous images from London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston

There’s a photo somewhere of a four-year-old me, hiding behind my mum’s leg (and clinging on for dear life while peeking around the side) at a wedding. It’s one of my favourites – who’d have such a cute (but terrified) little monkey would be a wedding blogger in later life? If you’d asked me way back then, I’d have said kids don’t want to go to your wedding. But that makes light of what’s actually a huge talking point all over the interweb: should you invite kids to weddings?

brilliant proof that kids at weddings is a huge win! Photo credit Jordanna Marston Photography (13)

People have asked people – in official surveys – if big people should invite little people to weddings. The result is a surprising 50% split – this is contentious! Half of us (big people) want overexcited, small, messy, super fun people to celebrate with us. The other half would rather enjoy a sophisticated day (off) to relax and celebrate, and leave little ones at home. Which is fine!


Inspired by / images by London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston

I’m half hoping you’re reading this blog post because you think I’m a little insane… who on earth is actually out there looking for wedding photos that aren’t perfect?! Surely we should all be carrying out a careful search for the very best wedding photographer our budgets will allow? And with all the time and effort we’re putting into planning our weddings, we want the day not only to be perfect, but to look perfect in our pictures?

What even is perfect, though?

What does perfect mean, when we’re chatting about weddings?

I like to feel like I know you guys. I know you love indulging in a little wedding pretty on the internet – scrolling through fabulously pretty, beautifully styled wedding editorials and bridal photoshoots on blogs and Pinterest. Hey, so do I! And I imagine you’re reading this post because the last thing you are is Princessy. But maybe you’re still a little unsure about your wedding photographs being less than ‘perfect’. Shall I explain?


Inspired by / images by Jordanna Marston Photography

You don’t like them*, but you think you probably want them*. For your mum, or your gran, or his auntie and all the people who love the family gathering aspect of weddings above anything else. You dread them* – but secretly you know that in 20 years time you will have a tear in your eye as they* become rare and treasured memories of your loved ones. And you worry a little, because you’re not sure if taking them* is going to be a bore, or a bit shouty and embarrassing, or if your uncle Raymond is going to disappear for a fag while it’s all going on (true story!) – but you know it’s a thing and it has to be done

* You guessed it – “they” are wedding group shots. And they’re a bit of a thing!

Group shots at weddings - fun and quirky alternative wedding photography in London by Jordanna Marston (1)


Good morning beautiful! We’re having a week full of fabulous wedding photography and I’m loving the dreamy images gracing my screen! Today I’d like to introduce Howling Basset – one of the leading wedding photographers in London and Kent, and named after photographer Andy Stonier’s basset hound Flash!

Andy’s style combines natural, fun and simply beautiful, timeless images. He’s photographed around 1,200 weddings so has a wealth of experience and covers London, Kent and the south of England. He’s been a full time London wedding photographer since 2004, and a professional photographer for 25 years. His portfolio includes weddings all over the UK, and the reviews on his website make for a very impressive read. I will hand over to Andy to tell you all about Howling Basset Photography. Don’t forget to check out his website and show him some love on Instagram and Facebook too! 

London wedding photography by experienced photographer Andy at Howling Basset (1)

London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston (2)

London is literally heaving with wedding venues – but without a little insider knowledge you’d never know some of them are even there! We’ve put together a list of the coolest 10 wedding venues in London: our favourites for their character and style, whether that be grand old buildings or alternative urban spaces. London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston has photographed weddings at these venues, and her couples are 100% brilliant and creative, so do click through to see more from each of their days.

1. Wilton’s Music Hall

Cavernous on the inside but hidden and unassuming from the outside, Wilton’s is one of London’s last remaining music halls. It dates back to the 1850s, and captures the spirit of the time – you’ll feel as though you’re making history when you wed here. Stand on floorboards where actors and musicians played in years gone by, and fall in love with this charming London wedding venue for its crumbling brick walls and beamed ceilings, tapestries and sense of history.

Wedding photographers in London for modern documentary style images, Annelie Eddy Photography (6)

Hey there beautiful! Are you in London? Near London? Getting wed in London? Then my lovely, I have something wonderful to share with you today. English Wedding is growing, and I count all of our lovely members as a part of the English Wedding team. We’re proud to showcase beautiful weddings, creative and exciting modern suppliers and true talents from all over the UK. Today I’d love for you to check out London wedding photographer Annelie Eddy Photography – her style is documentary, and her images are all about you and your family and friends – captured in Annelie’s uniquely gorgeous and captivating way.


Natural and authentic photography that doesn’t take you away from your wedding day.

I’m Annelie and I am a London-based documentary wedding photographer.

Photographing people is one of my favourite things in the world. This is especially true for weddings, where so much beauty, love, and emotions are packed into one day.

A story made up of endless beautiful moments - Morden Hall wedding by York Place Studios documentary wedding photographers London (14)

Should you polish your wedding? An odd question, I know – but think with me for a moment. In these days of Instagramming our lives and sharing only the carefully planned, tidy, and perfect sides of ourselves I kind of miss seeing photos that make me feel something. A gorgeous line of bridesmaids, a pristine wedding gown or a messy bouquet are all glorious to see on insta… but amongst all the wedding pretty, I love seeing a photo which will make me laugh out loud, scroll back up for another look or even identify with the people in the frame. And that has to be a real, spontaneous, unpolished wedding photograph.

A story made up of endless beautiful moments - Morden Hall wedding by York Place Studios documentary wedding photographers London (5)

It’s why I’m such a big fan of York Place Studios. They’re not about the pretty details – they capture the story of your day in the most fascinating compositions. They’re the wedding photographers most wedding photographers would choose to photograph their day. They shoot with real expertise and a flash of humour. They’re brilliant; their brides and grooms LOVE them – and they keep my little wedding blogging feet firmly on the ground.


Gorgeous Hertfordshire bride Anita is making a splash of fabulous colour on the English Wedding Blog today. Her vintage inspired styling is balanced with vibrant accents, and I’m in love with her Sally Beam wedding dress – isn’t it fab? Together with groom Naoto they planned the perfect day, and I love how refreshing their styling is. I hope you’ll adore it too!

Vibrant colours and beautiful styling for a Shenley Cricket Club wedding by Linus Moran Photography (30)

“I had mixed, bright flowers including roses and gerberas. I wanted the flowers to add a burst of colour and fun to the church and venue. Florist Sioned Rogers works alongside ‘Dress it Yourself‘ who did an amazing job of decorating the venue. I wanted a vintage picnic feel so I went for gingham tablecoths, bunting and lots of vintage containers and books to dress the tables. I made the table plan with a chalkboard and then had silk flowers stapled around the frame. It was actually quite fun to make and lots of people complemented it!

Vibrant colours and beautiful styling for a Shenley Cricket Club wedding by Linus Moran Photography (21)

Vibrant colours and beautiful styling for a Shenley Cricket Club wedding by Linus Moran Photography (22)


Annie and Chris had a truly unique wedding – they know some amazing people and through friends they were able to marry at London’s fabulous Lyric Theatre – which gave their wedding so much personality and atmosphere, it’s just fabulous! The flowers are bright and colourful, styling is elegant and theatrical… and today’s bride and groom are as gorgeous as they are lovely. Images are by Sussex photographer Neil Walker.

theatre wedding in London with Neil Walker Photography on the English Wedding Blog (26)

Contact & Bookings: Neil Walker Photography



theatre wedding in London with Neil Walker Photography on the English Wedding Blog (42)

We used bright spring colours for our flowers – peaches, lilacs, yellows & pinks. James from Detta Phillips is brilliant – they looked spectacular.

Don’t miss Chris and Annie’s wise advice (and genuine supplier recommendations) for you lovely lot, which you’ll find just after the photos if you scroll through the full feature today. “We designed and made our wedding stationery ourselves. It was a really enjoyable experience and we were really proud of our handiwork once they were finished. We made place cards and table plan in the same style as the invitations. Our navy & burgundy spotty theme ran throughout from the save the dates to the orders of ceremony and menus. We also designed print-outs of readings and songs to frame & sign with messages as thank you gifts.