A guest article by Liam Collard Photography

Choosing a London wedding photographer? Ask these 5 things to get to know them!

“How do you know whether a photographer is actually really good at what they do?” I cannot count the number of times Stam and I have been asked this question as London wedding photographers.


Choosing your wedding photographer, after all, is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding, so that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We know every bride and groom wants to remember their big day through beautiful pictures for generations to come.

Believe it or not, 2020 didn’t invent micro weddings. We’ve actually been in love with these wonderful, smaller weddings for a few years already! I worry a little that the name “micro wedding” will become synonymous with the word “pandemic”. I’d love to come up with a word for these incredibly joyful, intimate weddings that captures their magic, because they’re bursting so full of heart and soul they deserve to be celebrated and dreamed of as much as any big ‘dream wedding’ ever is.

Holborn London wedding photography by York Place Studios

What does the word ‘wedding’ bring to mind for you? A white dress, a country house, a fancy sit down meal? When I first started in the wedding industry that’s what it meant to me as well. But now I hear the word wedding and I know the only constants are love, joy and celebration. Throwing personality into that mix is the secret recipe for an amazing wedding – remembering of course that not all weddings have a bride or a dress; not all weddings are formal – and the best ones, if I’m honest, are unexpected and characterful.

We’re all rethinking weddings right now I reckon. All the preconceptions of what a wedding “should” be are being flung out of windows and we’re downsizing while shifting the focus from colour palettes and decor onto family and the luxury of just being together. So as always, when a York Place Studios wedding comes along, I’m thrilled because that refreshing, different, glorious perspective shines brightly.

How beautiful your wedding looks is kind of a minor detail compared to how much fun you all have. In years to come you’ll remember the laughter, the love, the FEELING of that day more than any pretty piece of decor. That’s the side of Olivia & Elliott’s amazing London wedding we’re sharing here – the overwhelming happiness, the emotions and the sheer joy of a wedding day. They celebrated at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, and London wedding photographers York Place Studios captured the vibe of their wedding BRILLIANTLY.

Olivia & Elliott's epic party of a London wedding at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, with York Place Studios (35)