10 reasons why wedding photo booths are TOTALLY worth it!

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We love a wedding photo booth, but I stumbled across a wedding forum thread the other day where brides and grooms were being quoted some VERY different amounts for wedding photo booth hire. Personally, I think you get what you pay for: a good photo booth will be worth every penny – and here’s why!

1. The entertainment value of a wedding photo booth is sky high: give any group of grown ups a little bit of wine and some props and funny accessories to dress up in, and they’ll have the best time!! Whether you DIY your photo booth or hire a pro outfit, it’s guaranteed to keep guests happy!

2. From time to time at your evening reception, the photo booth can serve as a nice little box to put your drunkest people in. They’ll love every second; you’ll get a breather; photo booth attendants are used to the sights they’ll see from your rowdy uni mates! Winner 🙂

3. What’s not to love about dressing up? The wackier, the funnier: from feather boas (and no photo booth is complete without one!) to masks, full on horse heads, cheeky little signs and sunglasses – playing in a photo booth is endless fun and a total win for 2020 weddings!

4. It’s brilliant to see your elderly relatives having a giggle – even if you can’t see what they’re up to while they’re in the photo booth, those snaps of Auntie Maureen rocking out with an inflatable guitar / flamingo will have you in stitches when you see them!

5. The price of your wedding photo booth reflects the quality of the service you’ll get. You’re not just paying for a box with a camera and some props – you’re paying for reliable equipment, technical ability, and an attendee with a personality, charm, wit and tolerance! Reliability is worth paying for – especially when it comes to entertaining your wedding guests.

6. Everyone has one. Don’t miss out! Seriously – it’s the thing to have at weddings. We all LOVE photo booths! Read our 45 ideas for an EPIC wedding photo booth while you’re here!

7. If a wedding photo booth comes as part of your wedding photography package, we think it’s well worth having. Quite a few of our fave photographers have a photo booth these days – does yours? For a wedding photographer, reputation is really important – and a good one won’t let you down!

8. A photo booth is brilliant for mingling opportunities at your wedding – and as the bride or groom you can totally photobomb every pic! Your guests will love it, you’ll be laughing with them every second you’re not hitting the dance floor!

9. Memories to keep – alongside the beautiful, professional images from your wedding – which will capture the romance, the emotions, the love and happiness through the day, you’ll love having funny photos to laugh at afterwards. I love my friends best of all when they’re creased up laughing, being silly. Capturing that is what your photo booth is for!

10. At the end of the day, a wedding photo booth is just SO much fun – I never get tired of them!

The better your photo booth, the more entertainment you’ll get from it. Setting up with a brilliant attendee, backup equipment and technical expertise is key to the whole experience. Don’t go for the cheapest option – because when it seems too good to be true, it’s likely it will be! Hire a really good, reputable photo booth company and you – and your tipsy wedding guests – will go home happy with some wonderfully funny memories for the morning after!

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