Wedding Photo Booth ideas: from DIY to effortless luxury

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So you want to give your wedding guests the fabulously fun treat of a photo booth – and you want yours to be just a little bit unique and interesting: a different wedding photo booth from the ones you’ve seen before.

I get it. Photo booths are almost a must-have at weddings these days: we haven’t lost the ability to entertain ourselves by taking photos and pulling faces / dressing up… there’s a five year old in everyone! But as with everything wedding, we NEED to differentiate.

Can you DIY a wedding photo booth?

Well – yeah, you can! And if you don’t overthink it, it’s pretty easy these days. There are tutorials on One Fab Day and A Practical Wedding which give great advice and are chock full of ideas. But to be fair, there are simpler ways to DIY your wedding photo booth if you’re on a budget.

Yes – you need some kind of backdrop: it could just be a plain wall but it’s better if you make something so your guests know where the Photo Booth area is and what it’s for! Take all the time you need to create your perfect backdrop – there are fun tutorials everywhere – this could be a fantastic project for Dad to build (outdoor booth?) if he’s looking to get involved in your big day!

Yes – you need props. I won’t be budged on this: the dressing up is the MAIN EVENT. Go crazy with the most ridiculous props you can find.

DIY wedding photo booth cameras… 

The best budget option is to ask your guests to use their phones. All but the golden oldies will have a mobile – and any octogenarians without camera phones can be helped along by the kids! Provide selfie sticks with instructions and call it a selfie station: RESULT!!!

Think about it: all you really need is guests with phones and an instagram hashtag (or photo sharing app / WhatsApp chat / Messenger chat) to share and giggle over your photos later!

If that’s a little too informal for you, you could try a polaroid camera: they’re intuitive to use, and look cute as anything! Plus, you get to see prints on the night and hopefully your guests will leave some for you to see! Beware though: film / printing is expensive!

The one camera option I wouldn’t recommend for a DIY photo booth is a DSLR on a tripod (because settings / lighting get SO complicated – then you’d need to think about memory cards, battery life, finding a qualified uncle to keep an eye on the thing and sort its malfunctions… ugh. Life’s too short!

The DIY photo booth option can definitely work, with a little common sense and a BRILLIANT dressing up box. But what if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated?

When you factor in the cost of polaroid film and providing your own props and backdrop, the DIY option will actually cost you MORE than hiring a wedding photo booth from the pros.

Why hire a wedding photo booth?

You’ll save yourself hours of crafting time by hiring a wedding photo booth. You also get to choose the look of your photo booth these days, with options from luxury through ultra modern and charming vintage style wedding photo booths.

Luxury wedding photo booth hire in London Kent and Surrey (2)

Luxury, modern and vintage wedding photo booth hire

Absolute Booth offer professional wedding photo booth hire in London, Surrey and Kent. Choose from three different photo booths: there’s Bertha, the luxury photo booth which really stands out from the crowd. Bertha is handmade from solid oak, with state of the art dual touchscreens and an unrivalled air of sophistication, style and class!

Then there’s the ultra modern photo booth option. Ultra booths are new to the UK and as far as I know they’re exclusive to Absolute Booth. This totally digital booth uses intelligent software to share your images in real time on your phones – it’s pretty amazing. Watch the video to find out how it works.

The vintage wedding photo booth – aka Alice – is really special and will be a treat for your wedding guests! It’s a vintage style selfie mirror with animated features. The retro look is adorable; the concept is genius (“mirror, mirror on the wall…” anyone?!) and your wedding guests won’t have seen the like ANYWHERE!

All of Absolute Booth’s wedding photo booths for hire come with props and backdrops. Find out more at

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