45 inspiring ideas for your EPIC wedding photo booth!

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So you’ve made the decision to have a photo booth at your wedding reception – great shout! I guess you want to make it amazing? We’ve all been in a photo booth – they’re at so many weddings these days. So how, exactly, can you make YOUR wedding photo booth the absolute best one folks will be talking about for years to come? Here’s how – you’re welcome!

The photo booth basics

1. Make it stand out – your photo booth should be instantly noticeable in a place all your guests will see it. Think bright colours, streamers, glitter, flashing lights, circus appeal!
2. Keep it busy – the better your photo booth is, the more your guests will want to play in it. So follow all of our tips and make it EPIC!
3. Make it work! Get the practical stuff right: a working camera, a way to print, and no technology fails!
4. Host it. Find or hire brilliant people to manage your photo booth. They need a sense of humour, tech skills and to be sensational at charming all of your guests – from your gran to your best man to your kids!

Playful little extras

5. Rock amazing props – absolutely key to a brilliant wedding photo booth are the toys and outfits that come with it. Go crazy with these! (There are some super fun ideas on Bespoke Bride)
6. If you’re hiring a photo booth, ask if you can supplement the props it comes with
7. Here are our favourite ideas for wedding photo booth props –
8. Feather boas (obvs)
9. Glasses – sunglasses, bling, retro styles…
10. Fake heads – for the “Who’s that guy in the donkey?” photos – unmissable!
11. Hats – from trilby to pirate to a crown
12. Jackets – glittery, sparkly, flasher macs and more!
13. Glitter and festival style props
14. COSTUMES – because it’s all about dressing up – why not AS something?
15. Superheroes
16. Unicorns and mermaids
17. Pirates
18. Wizards
19. Halloween scary gear
20. Rock n roll / old school music (hip hop, metal, disco)
21. Inflatables (from guitars to dolls)
22. Wigs – styles from judge to stripper to clown!

23. Make signs – anything from “Jones wedding 2020” to “team bride”
Photo booth sign ideas:
24. “party animal!”
25. “tipsy!”
26. “wedding crasher!”
27. “help!”
28. “last man standing”
29. “wedding wasted”
30. “here for the bridesmaids”
31. “I’m next!”
32. “censored”

33. Provide chalkboards and chalk so guests can make their own signs!

34. Pimp your wedding photo booth

35. Decorate it – read our ideas for DIY wedding photo booths here

36. Have a brilliant backdrop – a glitter curtain or flower wall, or something you’ve made
37. Check Junebug‘s blog for some amazing backdrop ideas – the DIY ones are awesome!

Credit: Absolute Booth

Basket and balloons photo booth backdrop? Hell, yeah! Image credit: Absolute Booth

Take it to the next level

38. Display polaroids for everyone to see – hang them on a wall, washing line or display board
39. Brand it – with your names and wedding date
40. Theme it – if you’re teachers, think chalkboard backdrops and props, and school costumes for example. If yours is a festival wedding, set up a glitter station.
41. Hashtag it – still the trend of the decade – you HAVE to hashtag your wedding photo booth so you get to see the results!
42. Have a guest book – get guests to stick their photos in there and write you a message while they’re there!

43. Communicate – make sure your guests know how to see their photos, get copies, etc. etc.

44. Make it fool proof – your wedding photo booth should be FUN on the night, and no stress for you or your guests – so ensure nothing will go wrong in there.

45. Keep the memories! Whether you provide a guest book with your photo booth or hire a professional wedding photo booth, make sure you save the best photos somewhere you can look back on them in years to come.

Luxury, modern and vintage wedding photo booth hire

Absolute Booth offer professional wedding photo booth hire in London, Surrey and Kent. Choose from three different photo booths: there’s Bertha, the luxury photo booth which really stands out from the crowd. Then there’s the ultra modern photo booth option. Watch the video to find out how it works. The vintage wedding photo booth – aka Alice – is really special and will be a treat for your wedding guests!

All of Absolute Booth’s wedding photo booths for hire come with props and backdrops. Find out more at https://absolutebooth.co.uk

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Hen and Stag · August 31, 2019 at 1:15 pm

Great share!

Tim Daniels · April 5, 2020 at 6:04 pm

Thanks for posting.

Photo Booths continue to become a staple in this industry more and more each year – so I thought I’d put together a post explaining the 5 most important questions bride need to consider when booking what is presumably their first photo booth.

We put a lot of time putting this together, I hope this is alright to post. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice or would like to share the post!


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