How to avoid hidden costs and get the best from your wedding venue, with Revelry Events

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It’s true you’re unlikely to have heard of ‘corkage’ until you plan your wedding… but it’s a topic which comes up on wedding forums over and over again – and a shocker! This, and other hidden costs to booking a venue, is discussed on the latest fab wedding planning video by Revelry Events. There’s plenty to think about: VAT, exclusive use and curfews…

Lovely Susannah and Holly talk us through the major considerations when hiring a venue, including having a plan B in case of bad weather and being allowed to bring in the suppliers YOU want rather than the venue’s own. (Top tip: always, always research your DJ and never rely on a venue’s recommendation without having seen them!)

For more tips read my article about styling to fit with your wedding venue’s decor on the English Wedding Blog. I also have a regular ‘wedding venue of the week‘ feature which takes us around some of the UK’s loveliest spots for a peek inside!Claire

London based wedding planners Revelry Events have launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to helping you plan your wedding. The channel is live now with videos including How to maximise your wedding budget and How to impress your guests with wedding food. More videos will be added to the channel over the course of the year. To watch the videos just head on over to the Revelry YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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Nathan @ Artemis Stationery · March 22, 2016 at 1:16 pm

I’d say get everything you’re offered in writing. Ask them point blank about any extras you would be likely to incur and if there aren’t any get that in writing. I do know of places that seem cheap for the venue but then get the money they want through add ons such as £100 to turn on the lights so guests can safely walk from the wedding breakfast location to the evening reception building. Other things that can feel like they change is where you have access to.

Can always be worth canvassing opinions of suppliers before committing or looking for blogged weddings at the same place and seeing if you can contact anyone involved. Could be hard for people to say bad things so would probably be a case of faint praise.

If a place has a bad reputation it can be best to avoid as a wedding needs a lot of trust I think. I know of one occasion where in the week before a wedding the venue suddenly asked for another couple of thousand or they would cancel it, not sure on what justification but the Bride and Groom had people flying in from all over the world and so were particularly at their mercy and seen as an easy target. Not surprisingly that venue owner went bankrupt and had also left a trail of unpaid suppliers.

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