It’s true you’re unlikely to have heard of ‘corkage’ until you plan your wedding… but it’s a topic which comes up on wedding forums over and over again – and a shocker! This, and other hidden costs to booking a venue, is discussed on the latest fab wedding planning video by Revelry Events. There’s plenty to think about: VAT, exclusive use and curfews…

Lovely Susannah and Holly talk us through the major considerations when hiring a venue, including having a plan B in case of bad weather and being allowed to bring in the suppliers YOU want rather than the venue’s own. (Top tip: always, always research your DJ and never rely on a venue’s recommendation without having seen them!)

For more tips read my article about styling to fit with your wedding venue’s decor on the English Wedding Blog. I also have a regular ‘wedding venue of the week‘ feature which takes us around some of the UK’s loveliest spots for a peek inside!Claire


If your wedding venue co-ordinator told you straight, “It doesn’t match your theme – in fact it’s awful – but don’t worry because it only covers every inch of your reception room”… would alarm bells ring?

nice wedding chairs uk

Lovely chairs from Claudia and Peter’s Preston Court wedding blog – image credit Howling Basset Photography http://howlingbasset.com/

If venue staff told you, “These are horrible but we’ll just cover them up. There are only 100 and everyone else has done it since 1985,” how would you respond?

Wedding chairs: good, bad, ugly?

You’ll have guessed I think that the second statement refers to chairs – there’s been plenty of discussion of chair covers on wedding blogs recently. It’s an odd one though: rather than buying nice chairs, so many wedding venues still think chair covers are the solution to everything. Personally I’d rather have a battered old green metal chair than a stretchy nylon white cover. Chair covers make me think of Casper – remember the friendly ghost? And if every restaurant, ever, can provide nice chairs, why can’t our wedding venues do the same? Fortunately the best wedding venues are beginning to provide beautiful chairs which don’t need covers – and I promise you, these venues are worth seeking out!