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Finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. It takes a lot of thought and consideration to find that unique present for newlyweds that’s not just another boring kitchen appliance off the wedding registry.

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No-one knows this more than CEO and founder of Truly Experiences, Jack Huang.

An online gift experience company, Truly Experiences is the product of Jack’s quest to find that perfect wedding present for his friend who was tying the knot. Based on the personal belief that true happiness comes from collecting memories, not stuff, Jack set out to create a bespoke gift experience for the happy couple that they would never forget.

And thus, Truly Experiences was born.


Since 2012, we’ve been creating dreams-come-true experiences for customers in 27 countries around the world. Our purpose is to help everyone create memories that last a lifetime.

In our experience, the best experiences are ones where customers are able to: try something new, learn something new, or co-create something new. Experiences that include all three pillars are by far the most memorable.

From recreating an entire episode of Top Gear for a few speed enthusiasts, to helping someone see the real-life Titanic in a submersive submarine, Truly Experiences has done it all. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people create amazing memories, including quite a few (successful) wedding proposals.

Sure you can buy a pair of newlyweds a plane ticket to an exotic, far-off location. But why not think outside the generic wedding gift box? How many couples can say they’ve walked with a qualified volcanologist to one of the most volatile volcanoes in the world? Or that they’ve star-gazed from a castle in Scotland? Or that they’ve experienced a private art gallery tour from a leading art critic?

Whether they’re a pair of adrenaline junkies who’d love an adventurous sport adventure, or a couple of hopeless romantics in need of a romantic getaway, there’s a unique wedding gift experience we know they’ll love.

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Welcome to being the best wedding gift giver ever.

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