The Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Wedding Photographers Before Hiring Them

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Choosing a London wedding photographer? Ask these 5 things to get to know them!

“How do you know whether a photographer is actually really good at what they do?” I cannot count the number of times Stam and I have been asked this question as London wedding photographers.


Choosing your wedding photographer, after all, is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding, so that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We know every bride and groom wants to remember their big day through beautiful pictures for generations to come.

So, before you hire anyone, be sure to ask these five important questions. They’ll help you get a sense of who the photographer is, what their style is like, and how they might capture your wedding day.

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What is the average number of weddings you do every year?

When your potential photographer proudly quips that he or she does, say, 80 weddings per year, this is usually a red flag. Why? If you do the math, that means this person books up to 6 weddings in a month! Would you want to be their fourth, fifth or sixth client?

There’s just no way your photographer can give as much attention, skill and energy to your wedding. So, we recommend you book a photographer that only does an average of 20 weddings a year.

These are the photographers who dedicate a good amount of time and care in preparing for your big day. They will treat your wedding as a special moment, and not just another event to boost their monthly income.

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Do you work by yourself, with a second photographer, or with a team?

This is actually one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask your London wedding photographer.

If he or she works alone, it’s close to impossible that this person will be able to cover all the beautiful scenes on your wedding day. For one thing, you would want wedding photographers who can capture the two of you on the day. How will it be possible with one London wedding photographer when almost all couples get ready in different places?

Add all the different things going on during the ceremony and reception, and you’ll really be wishing that more than one person has their eyes and their lenses on everything.

In most cases, weddings with two photographers get the privilege of having one focusing on the more formal photos, while the other can be in charge of the sweet and candid moments.

Stunning wedding imagery by Liam Collard Photography

What will you do if it rains?

Answers vary depending on the photographer, but raising this concern can be how you gauge their experience and creativity, eliminating the newbies.

When it rains, a creative play on light is best. If your photographer offers other interesting and plausible answers, you’re probably in good hands.

A good London wedding photographer must be adaptable, no matter the circumstance. Rain, after all, is just one of many conditions that can totally change their approach to your wedding photographs.

Umbrellas at an outdoor wedding reception by Liam Collard Photography

Can we see your after-dark photos?

This is a question that doesn’t often come to mind but can also determine whether your potential photographer is a good fit for your wedding day.

For many weddings, some of the most iconic photos occur after the sun has set. This is when people wine and dine, sing and dance. Basically, it’s the most fun part of the wedding! So, can this London wedding photographer capture these moments well?

Incredible London wedding photographers Liam Collard Photography

Ask for a portfolio of their most recent after-dark photos. After all, it takes quite a bit of mastery with off camera lighting to create artistic and stunning images at night. In fact, most of the best photographers who are pros at what they do simply love these! Newer shooters may find it intimidating.

What is your interaction style on the day itself?

While all those skills are truly very important, one of the best determining factors in hiring a wedding photographer is whether you actually like this person or the people in this photography team.

After all, you will be spending a lot of time with them on the day itself. Plus, wedding photographers are in charge of capturing your authentic emotions and your sweetest moments, so you should be very comfortable having them around for these.

London wedding photography by Liam Collard Photography

How do you know if a photographer is compatible with you? Asking their interaction style will tell you.

There are photographers who work best in the background and don’t interact with you much during your wedding day. If this is what you prefer, you should hire a documentary-style wedding photographer.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a person who wants to talk, collaborate and brainstorm a lot with your wedding photographer, choose one who is more extroverted and people-oriented.

Another thing to consider are your guests. A timid photographer won’t do well with a younger crowd or with known party people. An intimate wedding, on the other hand, might call for a gentler or quieter photographer.

So, before you decide on a wedding photographer, be sure to ask them the questions above. They’ll give you a good idea of what to expect from their services and how they work, which will help make your decision easier.

Hope this helps! You might like to read our Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips for couples over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings too!

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