Last month I invited a handful of wedding venues to join English Wedding, and discovering these little gems has been wonderful!

The Orchard at Munsley

are holding a Tipi Launch Weekend on Friday 5th May 4-7pm and Saturday 6th May 11am-2pm.

If you’re in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire or Worcestershire and looking for a charming wedding venue for your outdoor wedding, this spot looks amazing!

This styled photoshoot is a dream to share with you! It’s a lovely reminder for me of all the fabulous creatives who work so hard together to bring weddings to life, and was submitted by lovely Cambridgeshire makeup artist Becky at Legendary Makeup. I was so pleased to see English Wedding member Amber’s Bakes and Cakes in the list of suppliers – Amber’s cakes are just stunning (more wedding cake goodness here!)

There’s a full supplier list below.

Becky has done a lovely write up of this shoot, so I will leave you with her to explain the look – enjoy!

Wedding traditions are a hot topic right now, and we’re all for crushing the patriarchy and making NEW traditions of our own! Here’s four for starters, sent in by nice person called Owen at Mediaworks, on behalf of Langley Castle. Oh, and edited for inclusivity because not all weddings have a bride! Header image: Linus Moran Photography & Film

While traditions are still followed by the majority, with 83% of couples, for example,  continuing the first dance tradition, some feel it can make a wedding less personal. If you love the old traditions that’s absolutely fine! But if you’d like to switch things up, by injecting a theme close to you and your partner, you can ensure that your day is as you want it, with or without the first dance or bouquet toss!

The world of luxury weddings is joyful to explore – if you are comfortable with your budget and happy with your own plans. Now I love to follow the best in our industry, and to see the amazing florals and lighting and show stopping outfits. But for me, the most amazing weddings aren’t just about opulence and spending for the sake of it – they’re about creativity and surprises and turning the whole wedding experience into something incredible.

Have you had a lovely, relaxing weekend? I do hope so! I’ve been busy sowing seeds for my summer flower garden, and so this guest blog from designer wedding florist Larry Walshe comes at the perfect time! If you love flowers, then floral arrangements are a wonderful way to bring creativity and colour to your day. Wedding flowers can be sustainable IF they’re done the right way. Getting it right is all about choosing the right florist or flower grower. Look for local, pesticide free growers or florists who specialise in seasonal flowers and arrangements without floral foam.