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There’s too much advice about wedding planning online: we cut through the fluff and AI-generated nonsense, and share our favourites with you right here on English Wedding!

We’ve shared 300 wedding planning advice blogs in the last couple of years alone. Here are our best bits! (Tap the titles to read more)

1. It’s never all about the bride!

Whether or not there’s a bride at your wedding, couples should be equal partners in everything: your wedding planning journey shouldn’t be made alone. Parts of the wedding industry exclude couples which don’t fit the bride + groom model. We think that’s wrong and we’ll be happy to see it change!

2. (Nobody ever talks about this but) it’s OK not to be OK when you’re planning your wedding

It’s kind of alarming how none of the wedding media seem to prioritise mental health in their messaging, and that needs to change. Studies have found that 70% of engaged couples or newlyweds described the process of planning a wedding as “extremely stressful”. So let’s start by saying if you’re feeling any of this, you are far from alone.

3. How to plan your wedding planning – yes, really!

Wedding planning can be so Big, it needs to be done with military precision. We’ve talked about weddings and mental health on our blog before, and shared advice for couples who experience wedding planning anxiety. In this blog we suggest a helpful solution: planning your wedding planning, with eleven tips to help you structure your planning into manageable chunks from the start!

4. Real life wedding day mistakes and how not to have them

This blog is tongue-in-cheek, and the last thing we want to do is worry you! But mistakes can happen; and they often become favourite wedding stories over the years. Wedding magician Close-Up Chris asked around his supplier friends and discovered some common wedding day mistakes couples really do make – and how to avoid them!

5. Buying an ethical engagement or wedding ring on a budget

It’s a common misconception that buying an engagement or wedding ring on a budget means you can’t buy sustainably and ethically. With help from English Wedding members Jacqueline & Edward we bust that myth and show you how you how you can buy affordably without compromising on quality or your eco values.

6. How to have a super relaxed wedding day

10 fabulous tips for a chilled out wedding, from unplugging your ceremony to ditching traditions and keeping timings and logistics as simple as you can!

7. Wedding planning tips for shy and introverted couples

The concept of feeling safe with your wedding photographer; of being self-aware and comfortable in your skin aren’t something the mainstream wedding media really talk about.
But they’re mega important. There’s a sense that people change when they’re planning a wedding – that life’s all about excitement and trends and suddenly, Pinterest is everything. That really doesn’t have to be true! This wedding advice blog is all about being YOU.

8. 5 surprising things you didn’t know about destination weddings

We share 5 surprising facts about weddings overseas, and talk about budgets, sustainability, and your guest list for a destination wedding.

9. Why wedding planning shouldn’t be a chore – and how to make it fun!

Don’t let the excitement of saying “I do” fade as your planning journey begins. Hold on tight to the joy of those first few days of sharing your happy news. Check this blog for ideas to add joy to your wedding planning!

10. Our essential guide to choosing your wedding photographer

With 50,000 UK wedding photographers and a thousand places to search online, a new social platform for every generation and a ‘recommended’ list at every venue, where should you even start? All the answers, right here on English Wedding!

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