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A guest blog sent to us by Langley Castle. Header image by Gemma Randall Photography

Your chosen colour scheme – if you have one! – might determine almost every part of your wedding day – from decorations to food.

Whether you are having a wedding in a castle or you opt for a discreet back garden wedding, your colour scheme can pull the whole event together. We’ve shared some upcoming trends from experts Zoe Burke at Hitched and Katie Lowes, wedding and events coordinator at Langley Castle to help you get started!


Upcoming colours

When it comes to picking a colour for your big day, everyone has their favourites. You want it to be personalised and say something about you and your partner, but there are some colours that we can expect to be cropping up more often.

Zoe says: “Orange really is having a revival at the moment, and I’m not mad about having such a happy and vibrant colour palette joining the ranks for couples to choose from for their 2023 weddings! It is such a versatile colour, too, as it can run right from peppy and citrus shades, through to rusty metallics like copper and gold, for an additional luxe feel.”

Whether it is bringing a deep velvety element to your outdoor wedding or brightening up the darker corners of your venue, orange has the potential to change the feel of any space you put it in. And this versatility means an orange-based colour theme can be completely personalised to how you want it.

Katie continues: “I’m excited to see some orange weddings alongside the Bridgerton blue tones we predicted seeing more of this year thanks to the Regency revival inspired by the TV show.”

Thanks to their opposition on the colour wheel, orange and blue tones are a perfect, and natural, match for one another. So if you like to incorporate wedding traditions, you can add your “something blue” seamlessly into the big day, welcoming a bit of luck into your new marriage.

How to use colour in your wedding

Colour can be a big part of your big day, from the wedding cake icing to the soles of your shoes. Your colour scheme can control the atmosphere of the wedding, with colours signifying different moods, emotions, and thoughts.

With some others predicting colours such as green and pink to be reemerging trends for 2023, it is important to choose a colour which represents you. Colours have different connotations attached to them and finding a colour scheme which corresponds with the atmosphere you want for your wedding day will tie your day together.

Green, for example, symbolises new beginnings and growth. This is the perfect choice for your wedding day as you step into a new life with your wedded partner. A ceremony to celebrate not only the history you two have together, but also the steps you are taking moving forward. You can vary the colours of green throughout your venue, using plants to decorate sustainably, as an alternative to cut flowers.

Pink, however, suggests playfulness, innocence, and passion all in one. It is a colour of duality and opposites and since opposites attract, this is a great colour to represent the unity between you and your partner. Whether you choose blooming pink roses for your bouquet or sparkling rose as your celebration drink, pink can add a spark of fun into any wedding day.

If you are minimalists, you might opt for bright shoes underneath a traditional, white wedding dress or a bright pair of socks underneath dress shoes to flash a pop of colour. This can incorporate a spark into your wedding without making colours the central theme.

On the other hand, the maximalist couple might want to go all out on colour, crafting a scheme that flows throughout. Whether you decide on one central colour or a mixture of a few, your wedding will certainly be eye-catching. Here, everything from your tablecloths to the seating signs can stand out and make an impression.

Katie Lowes, wedding and events coordinator at Langley Castle says: “If your venue has a lot of character, you can work this into your colours. You might choose softer tones which complement the area or small dashes of bright colours which attract the eyes to certain centrepieces within your wedding.

“For some venues, you can fill the space with colour, and it will feel natural. Your colour scheme and venue should work hand-in-hand to make the most beautiful backdrop for your nuptials. Speaking with wedding experts and venues who have seen thousands of weddings can help you decide on the best way of decorating your space, no matter the colour choice.”

Even when looking for a personalised touch to your wedding, trends can offer the best inspiration for your big day. Versatility in colour means that you can make the same decorative choices as another wedding and create a completely different effect. From deeper tones to small flashes of vibrance, the way you use the colour can embed the charm of you and your partner into the venue.

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