All the brilliant reasons to have an engagement photoshoot, by Chris Armstrong Photography

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It’s an absolute pleasure to share this advice article by Cornwall wedding photographer Chris Armstrong. If you haven’t had an engagement shoot yet, we recommend it! The love and joy in the pics we’ve shared from Chris speak for themselves – but he tops it with reasons why a pre-wedding photo session will help you on your wedding day!

An engagement photoshoot offers several benefits for couples who are about to tie the knot.

Here are some advantages of having an engagement photoshoot:

Capturing a milestone: Engagement photoshoots allow you to capture a significant moment in your relationship. It’s a way to document and celebrate your engagement, creating lasting memories that you can cherish for years to come.

Getting comfortable in front of the camera: Many couples are not used to being professionally photographed, so an engagement photoshoot serves as a practice session before the wedding day. It helps you and your partner become more comfortable in front of the camera, giving you an opportunity to get to know your photographer and establish a rapport.

Building a relationship with your photographer: An engagement photoshoot provides a chance to establish a connection with your wedding photographer. You can discuss your preferences, communicate your ideas, and understand their shooting style. This rapport can be invaluable as it ensures that your photographer understands your vision for the wedding day.

Personalising your wedding experience: Engagement photoshoots allow you to personalize your wedding experience by incorporating elements that are meaningful to you as a couple.

Whether it’s choosing a location that holds sentimental value or incorporating props that represent your shared interests, you can infuse your personalities into the shoot, making it unique and special.

Creating save-the-date cards and wedding invitations: Engagement photos are often used for save-the-date cards or wedding invitations. Having professional and high-quality images from your engagement photoshoot gives you the opportunity to design visually appealing cards and invitations that reflect your style and set the tone for your wedding.

Celebrating your love story: An engagement photoshoot is a celebration of your unique love story. It allows you to showcase your connection and love for each other through beautiful images. These photos can be displayed at your wedding, in your home, or shared with friends and family, becoming a visual representation of your journey as a couple.

For me the biggest reason to have an engagement shoot is that it builds trust between me and the couple.

That trust is then evident for all to see on the wedding day. Your family and guests see that you are comfortable with my presence and so they also relax much quicker. All this leads to many more opportunities for relaxed, natural candids and other photo opportunities.

I pride myself on my many client reviews that they always mention how well I fitted into the day and that it was like having an old friend with them for the day. I guess this shows when I often meet up with previous clients when they come back to Cornwall on a family holiday or weekend away.

That is why I offer an engagement shoot as part of my full day wedding photography package, anywhere in Cornwall. I really believe that they are super beneficial to your final wedding day images.

Overall, an engagement photoshoot is an opportunity to create beautiful and meaningful images, establish a connection with your photographer, and personalise your wedding experience. It can help reduce camera shyness, capture your love story, and is just something fun to do before the big day!

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