Your Signature Drink: What to Serve at Your Wedding

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The phrase ‘your day, your way’ applies to everything wedding planning, from your outfits to your choice of drinks. And while weddings have traditionally been a tipsy occasion, we are very aware that lots of couples are choosing an alcohol free celebration, or making conscious choices to reduce the amount of alcohol served at weddings. We think this is amazing. 

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The countdown to your big day has started. You’ve decided on a date and likely a venue, but now you have to decide on something even more crucial, what drink will you serve your guests? From the colour of table runners to the type of drink you want to serve, your choices should reflect you and your partner.

Drinks can be served at all stages of your wedding, from getting ready with your close friends and family to the speeches. But all of this can quickly add up, leading to another decision – do you place some money behind the bar or bring your own bottles? Whatever option you choose, picking the right drink is important.

So from the most popular drinks to have at your wedding to new trends and personalised drinks, we will explore your options in the run-up to your big day.

Favourite fizz and ferment


The most popular drink to be served at weddings, as with most celebratory occasions, is wine. Whether white, red, sparkling or alcohol free, wine and champagne are great celebratory drinks to toast your love and union on your wedding day. But it is not everyone’s favourite drink and finding a balance can be tricky – you don’t want to spend too much on drinks most guests will only sip and leave.

Cocktails and mocktails

Personalising your drinks is the way forward if you want to steer away from the popular beer and wine choices and opt for something more you. Cocktails and mocktails can symbolise your personality and style with their flavours – maybe you’re a ray of sunshine who wants lemon tonic water or someone who prefers the moody mystique of whiskey. From fruity depths to refreshing herbals, you can find a drink better matched to your guests’ tastes. This can be replicated into a perfectly similar tasting non-alcoholic option – making sure everyone goes home happy.

According to, some of the best cocktails for a wedding include the espresso martini, a negroni, and a dirty martini. Each cocktail can hold a different memory and adds a different meaning to your wedding. Choosing a cocktail your wedding guests will enjoy can ensure your money is well spent and you’re not taking all that drink home with you!

Espresso-yourself martini

Or you can choose a cocktail which truly represents you and your partner. Each cocktail can say something different about your love, and finding the drink that is personalised and unique to you can make your wedding that extra bit special. And why only serve your drink? Instead, make a special station where your guests can have all their classic favourites – but we are sure yours will be the greatest crowd-pleaser.

If your partner loves gardening, they might suit a zesty citrus flavour or a herb-infused spirit. Or, if you fell in love by the seaside, you might consider a salt rim on your glass. Whatever you choose, in flavour and decoration, this drink can be the best of you both in a flavourful sip!

You can even tailor it to your venue. If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Lake District or the countryside, then you could choose a floral gin to compliment the natural scenery. Or, for the city lovers among you, you might decide on a cocktail like the cosmopolitan but with a twist.

By choosing a personalised cocktail, you will have a refreshing reminder of your wedding day, leaving you and your partner tipsy in love. Recreate this cocktail for special events, such as anniversaries, or even just be reminded of the day if you order it at a bar.

Alcohol free weddings

More people are choosing to avoid alcohol altogether when it comes to their weddings. In fact, according to with the National Wedding Survey, 10% of weddings in 2021 were completely sober. So why not opt for a dry wedding and make a personalised mocktail instead?

Bottled favours

Your drink doesn’t just have to end with the night either – try producing this signature cocktail as a bottled favour for your guests. These can include printed labels with your date and names on or even personalised with your guests’ names, including mocktails for anyone who doesn’t drink so they can still enjoy the flavour of your signature drink.

And don’t forget the infamous hangover kit wedding favours too, complete with painkillers, bottles of water, or even the hair of the dog!


Whether you are looking for a timeless cocktail with a twist or a fully personalised, specially made for your day, experimenting with drinks can be a great idea for your wedding – and a great way to spend time planning with your loved one before the big day. Having a drink special to you means your guests can remember your wedding every time they enjoy it.

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