14 reasons we LOVE rainy weddings!

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I LOVE it when I see a rainy wedding! This post is inspired by Hannah Hall’s brilliant tips for rainy weddings

My home is Cumbria, just on the edge of the Lake District. We’re famous for our amazing scenery, our mountains and lakes… so while a UK destination wedding is my idea of perfect, there’s a real risk of liquid sunshine.

I see literally thousands of wedding photos every year. It’s the best thing about my job at English Wedding! And here’s the surprising bit: I love rainy wedding photos more than any others.

I’m not alone – and I encourage you to chat to your wedding photographer if you have any worries about wet weather on your wedding day. Because I bet your photographer will have a plan, and will get secretly excited about the incredible images they can take if it does rain on the day you get hitched!

Here are 14 reasons to fall in love with the prospect of rain on your wedding day!

1 Cosy inside spaces

No straying guests… all of your favourite people together in one room, with cosy seating, nibbles and a bar right there. Perfect!

2 Creative wedding tents and tipis

Gorgeous Sperry tents or clear top marquees – or perhaps a cosy tipi! Create your own little world inside a wedding tent which can shelter you from the weather.

3 Rain on canvas

It’s super romantic being at home, snuggling and watching raindrops on the window. Now imagine your wedding day, candlelight and the pitter patter of raindrops on your tipi, while you’re safe and warm under canvas!

4 Indoor games and entertainment

Enough of wedding jenga… how about wedding pass the parcel, or even board games to entertain your guests through the day instead?

5 Wedding brollies

And we don’t just mean classic white… how about colourful, fun or glitter umbrellas for your big day? Or photo printed brollies?

If it does rain on your wedding day, having a stash of umbrellas at the ready can really make a difference, particularly if you need to move guests between locations. It also might make the difference between you getting out for portraits or not; a couple of white or clear brollies, or even coloured ones to match your wedding colour scheme look great in photos and will keep the worst of the rain off you. I really believe it’s worth embracing the rain for your wedding photographs; ultimately it’s part of the story of your day and you don’t need to be out for long for some great pictures.

~ Lake District wedding photographer Hannah Hall

6 Hot drinks stations – think hot chocolate and mulled everything!

Hire in a hot chocolate seller in a dinky van, or set up your own with the help of your venue or planner. Think sprinkles and marshmallows, flavour syrups and squirty cream toppings, with cosy quotes and signs to decorate the space.

7 Welly boots and wanging

See brollies above: there are bridal wellies (which rather excludes grooms) but why not have a pair of cute festival wellies for a splash of colour? And if the weather clears up, join your guests for a welly wanging match outside!

8 Rainbows

After the rain… comes the most amazing wedding photo opportunity. Enough said.

9 Wasps!

A bit random, but we found this on Wedding Wire. Now I actually like wasps, but a little rain will have them hiding, and that one guest won’t be flapping their arms and leaping around like a crazy person.

10 Beautifully lit raindrops

Because rain can look beautiful. Chat to your photographer about this one!

11 Luck!

Apparently it’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day. But after the 15th guest tells you… you might wish it would stop!

12 Flowers prefer rain!

Hot sunshine on your bouquet means it’ll wilt and you’ll have to take real care to keep the blooms at their best! Rain though, will make your wedding flowers happy as anything and in tip top condition.

13 Puddles and reflections

Think of the magic in your wedding photos – we do love a good puddle shot, and the reflections from a puddle or two can be beautiful.

14 The memories

Because everyone will remember your fun-filled rainy wedding! The most important tip we can give is to embrace the weather on your wedding day. Turn it into fun and giggles, and you’ll still have the BEST day ever – and an unforgettable celebration for your guests too!


All images in this feature are by Hannah Hall Photography. Hannah is an alternative wedding photographer in Cumbria, capturing weddings throughout the north west and beyond.


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