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Does the thought of surprises on your wedding day fill you with delight, or haunt your planning dreams with fear?

It’s something that’s been on my mind recently, and I really wanted to write a little about it. Because however carefully planned your wedding will be, spontaneous things will happen. Gather a bunch of 30 or more people together… and it’s herding cats time. It’s kind of a wonderful thing, if you embrace it!

Last month we published 7 tips for a smooth sailing wedding day from our friends at Liam Collard Photography. I recommend you read it – but in a nutshell, the advice was:

  • plan all the details
  • expect the unexpected
  • calm your nerves with a first look
  • be organised with group shots
  • communicate things like venue locations clearly
  • shake up the receiving line tradition
  • hire a wedding planner

Odd little things will happen on your wedding day – the trick is to not let it break you. The reason you have a timeline and plan is to avoid utter chaos… but it’s not about having complete control.

On the day, you should know you’ve done your best, there’s a plan – but if it gets a little messy, not to worry. So long as you’re both where you need to be for the main bit, it’s mission accomplished.

Ultimately a lot of your day is about your guests. It’s about all of your favourite people gathering together to catch up and tell stories, to hug and giggle and get face ache from smiling. Look forward to being a part of that. It’s going to be AMAZING.

I also loved reading this from the fabulous York Place Studios:

Harriet & Phil’s celebration at The West Reservoir Centre, London just invited spontaneity. The casual dress-code, the unfussy, easygoing BBQ dinner, the beautiful peculiarities of West Reservoir Centre’s informal setting. From the moment the guests arrived everything about this wedding shouted out that they were here, first and foremost to have fun. And have fun they 100% did!

A bride surrounded by friends and family chatting in dappled sunshine at the gates of the wedding venue. By York Place Studios

Captured by York Place Studios.

Perhaps spontaneity is an emerging ‘trend’ in weddings. Perhaps every wedding is unique and different and couples tie the knot just as they live their lives: some of us are meticulous planners and others go with the flow – we’re happy to ‘wing it’. And either way, it’s fine.

I’ll end this little blog with my personal, ONE tip for your wedding:

Get there on time.

So long as you’re there on time to actually get married, the rest is up to you! Plan a little, have fun a LOT – and make your best day ever happen, YOUR WAY.

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