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Your wedding budget is probably centred on the big day itself – but that doesn’t mean that your groomsmen should go unnoticed. Wedding thank you gifts are a traditional part of any great wedding, and they’re a great way to show your appreciation for your groomsmen ahead of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

You want your closest friends to remember your wedding for years to come, and gifts are great for ensuring that they’re regularly reminded of how much fun they had on the day. Give them a present that they’ll use regularly and they’ll be telling the story to their grandchildren one day!

Work Within Your Wedding Budget

The first step to picking awesome groomsmen gifts for your tribe is to work in line with your wedding budget. It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive affairs, and you and your partner will need to be careful with your money in order to stay on budget while organising the wedding of your dreams.

Some folks want lavish, extravagant weddings, while others like to keep things simple. You can plan any type of event you wish – but remember that having a luxurious wedding isn’t nearly as important as starting your married life free of debt!

Bearing this in mind, try to stay within a reasonable budget when choosing gifts for your groomsmen. Your gifts should ideally be small, of good quality, and something they will be using (or looking at) for years to come.

Important Gift-Giving Considerations

Everyone loves receiving gifts that have been chosen specifically for them. You might want to choose a unique gift for each of your groomsmen, or to get them uniform, themed gifts that will never fail to remind them of your big day. Either way, there are a few things to remember when choosing these wedding thank you gifts to ensure that they are well received by your nearest and dearest.

Think Outside the Box

Creativity is the key to choosing memorable wedding thank you gifts. Your friendships with your best man and groomsmen will determine the type, size and cost of the gifts you give them – but you should also choose something that they will genuinely appreciate.

Be aware of their needs and interests and be daring instead of buying generic items that they may not want or use.

The groomsmen gifts you choose can also be personalised according to their unique interests or the theme of your wedding. If you’re getting married on the beach, seaside-themed favours will tie in perfectly with the occasion.

Ask Questions to Brew Up Ideas

What are your groomsmen’s careers? What do they do for fun, and what are their favourite hobbies? What do they do with their evenings and weekends? Are they sports lovers, culinary enthusiasts, or staunch supporters of the local pub?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can dig even deeper. Do your friends enjoy travelling, reading, or the arts? Do they appreciate music – and if so, what genres resonate with them? Have you attended any special events with them that could be commemorated with your favours? All of these questions will point you in the right direction when it comes to buying epic groomsmen gifts.

Gift Ideas for Every Groom’s Tribe

You most likely have some ideas of what your groomsmen appreciate and enjoy at this point. Here are some great gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

For the Men Who Enjoy New Experiences

If your tribe is less materialistic and more sentimental, how about a groomsmen gift in the form of an experience?
Experience gifts for men have become hugely popular, and they’re a great opportunity for bonding too. Plan a group gathering for a wine, beer or whiskey tasting, go clay pigeon shooting, or relax and unwind at a spa. Alternatively, plan a getaway in a new city, camping park, or a top-tier villa in the country. All of these experiences will create lasting memories your guy tribe will cherish.

For the Active Tribe

Are your friends passionate about sports in all shapes and forms? Some perfect gifts for the sports lovers in your life include memberships to their favourite sports stadiums and facilities, season tickets to their top sports of choice, or even custom sporting equipment like footballs, tennis racquets and golf clubs.

For the Party Animals

It’s simple enough to shop for friends who are the life of the party. Many online groomsmen gift stores sell personalized shot glasses, beer mugs, hip flasks, portable coolers and bottle openers. Just make sure you choose quality items! You could even consider buying them each a bottle of single malt with a custom label bearing the finer details of your wedding and a note of thanks. The whisky might not last long, but they can keep the bottle as a memento! We love Four Sisters for their gorgeous gift sets.

For the Art Aficionados

If your groomsmen appreciate fine culture, the arts or theatre, there are plenty of gifts you can get them that they will love. Customized paintings, sculptures, or even personalized art kits will lift their spirits.

You can also buy them tickets to shows, theatre performances, operas and art gallery exhibitions as a way to show your thanks. Bonus points if you can arrange for them to meet their artistic icons backstage.

For the Bling Brigade

Everyone loves a bit of bling to add to their favourite outfits, and jewellery is something that your groomsmen can keep and wear for decades to come.
Consider having watches, tie pins, cufflinks or pocket squares engraved with your and your bride or groom’s initials to commemorate your wedding. You can also personalize each groomsman’s jewellery with their own names and the date of your wedding, or any other information you would like to add.

It Is The Thought That Counts

The members of your guy tribe, like most men, will probably be easy enough to please. Put some thought and creativity into the gifts you choose for them and they will almost certainly appreciate the effort.

You can buy them anything from personalised watches and cufflinks to sports equipment, game tickets, electronics, cook-out equipment, or a fun-filled weekend away. Remember to shop within your budget and to choose practical gifts that align with your groomsmen’s interests, hobbies and personalities. The rest is up to you!

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