Please, take care of you today.

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Hello lovelies,

However you’re feeling after Boris’s announcement yesterday, please remember to take care of YOU today.

You might be busily trying to work out how your wedding can go ahead with covid-secure number limits at your venue. Perhaps you’re thinking of postponing once again. My heart goes out to you, it really does. Even for those of you going ahead with your summer weddings, I know there are still questions around logistics and capacity – and for all of our lovely couples and wedding suppliers, today is going to be intense.

Breathe, and look after YOU

So please, whatever your situation, try to take a little time to just breathe. Find a moment to walk in nature. Listen to a calming podcast. Switch off social media for a little while. Book your ‘me time’ into your diary now, or the day could fly by without leaving you time to care for your self.

Marry if you can

Wave after wave of postponements is causing heartbreak for so many of you. I’m truly sorry for all of you who’ve been through this so many times.

So marry if you can.

Gather your closest people, and have your day – even if you can’t have all of the people you’d wanted to. Because it’s not worth the agony of wading through another round of rearrangements with all of your guests, suppliers, and finances. You can be the strongest couple in the world and still feel lost under this amount of pressure.

Please – take the decision that’s right for your health. Take care of both of you, put yourselves first.

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your other half. Be kind to your families, and be kind to your suppliers.

Some of us have lost people to the virus. Some of us have lost our jobs and our homes. Thousands of us are really struggling with our mental health.

No one really knows what anyone has been through.

Speak kindly. Understand how you feel, and forgive yourself if your stress comes across in a way you didn’t mean it to.

Conversations today will be tough, and while the industry is behind you and doing everything possible to help and support you, perhaps there’ll be harsh words. They’re coming from a place of worry and loss, and we need to be kind even when it’s hard to step back and stay calm.

Look to the future

For those of you who are going ahead with your summer weddings, and with lower numbers than you’d hoped:

You’re saving lives by keeping your wedding small, and that’s huge. Remember that.

We’ve seen so many micro weddings on English Wedding, and on our other favourite blogs – not just this year, but even before the pandemic.

And every couple who’s had a smaller wedding, whatever their reason, has had the most amazing day. Because micro weddings and intimate celebrations have so much love, and heart and soul – we promise, it will be incredible and you’ll have a wonderful day.

Like our grandparents and great grandparents who married in wartime and through rationing, we’re having to make sacrifices. But the reason we’re doing this is to save the lives of our loved ones, of doctors and nurses and key workers. We have already lost too many amazing, brave people.

In years to come, remember to tell your grandkids: “we were married in the pandemic. We had a little wedding, and we did it to save lives. And you know what? It was magical.


Be kind.


A girl in a modern wedding dress stands in a  park. There are autumn leaves on the grass, and mature trees in the background.

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