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2020 has been anything but dull and the good news if your wedding is planned for the end of the year, weddings are now allowed to take place. Of course, there are some restrictions in place as the country and world eases back into the new normal.

If you were planning a large wedding and reception, you’re now faced with a hard and emotional decision to make. Do you postpone everything until later next year or 2022 or do you go ahead with a small wedding now and a large celebration later? Couples who have gone through the heartache of postponing their wedding this year will tell you how much of a rollercoaster making this decision is. After all the planning to not get married on a date that likely has some significance. Take your time to process your feelings. The constant changes are unnerving and the uncertainty unsettling. So take your time to feel what you feel.

Jam Hot live at a wedding in Tuscany Italy by Tell Your Story Photography

We are Jam Hot Wedding Band, and are here on English Wedding to answer a few questions regarding the wedding industry throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, based on our experiences and those of the many amazing venues and suppliers that we work with – well, usually work with!

How has COVID-19 affected Jam Hot and the Wedding Industry?

We are all about helping to create the best day of a couple’s life to date. Following months of high-intensity wedmin, planning and researching – a couple finally reach the day they have been dreaming about. Arriving at their stunning wedding venue, they take their vows surrounded by all of their nearest and dearest; followed by an elegant drinks reception, scintillating meal and heartfelt speeches. This wonderful day is topped off by the element that Jam Hot Show Band specialises in – a raucous, energetic party that sees everyone packed onto the dance floor, singing at the top of their lungs and generally having the time of their lives.


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Lovelies, I hope you’re all doing ok. We’re taking a break from our usual content today to share some advice from the mental health experts at Bupa. So many of you have had to postpone wedding dates until 2021, and I know some of you are even changing your wedding plans: scaling down guest lists and doing things differently. It’s hard. It’s really hard. I’ve been trying to keep blog content light hearted and positive to lift spirits, but for those of you who are struggling these tips from Fatmata Kamara, Specialist Nurse Adviser at Bupa UK, might help you.

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The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many couples who had planned their dream wedding this year have had to postpone or cancel their upcoming nuptials. This is inevitably a stressful time for brides and grooms-to-be; especially with the uncertainty around postponing your big day, and the challenges of finding a new date that all your loved ones can attend.


I hope you enjoy this heartwarming guest article by Love Gets Sweeter

During this bizarre time we find ourselves in, we are realising how special it is to stay connected with our family and friends. Trying our best to catch up with them over video calls, family zoom quizzes and online parties, and other cool ways to keep ourselves sane and connected. We are really getting creative in how we keep in touch with our loved ones during our time of lockdown and self isolation (who ever thought those would be words I’d write!?)

I’m a wedding videographer in Lancashire and have an energetic 5 year old called Paisley. I now find myself essentially ‘out of work’ until further notice and homeschooling.

I miss weddings. I hated school. It’s an odd combination right now!

But then something wonderful has already come out of this.


This is a guest article from our friends at Truly Experiences

As Forrest Gump’s mother wisely said “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Looking at the current situation of the world, I think you’d agree she’s quite right.

Think back to a few months ago, when you were planning your wedding. Who would have thought that you’d be forced to change your wedding date until next year?

While I know it’s not exactly ideal, I’m a firm believer in another popular saying. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Just because your wedding isn’t happening on your original chosen date shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t give it the recognition it deserves! Think of it as your ‘-1 anniversary’ – your first wedding anniversary before you’ve even gotten hitched!

Rather than sulking around the house, thinking of the day you’d be walking down the aisle, use it as another day to celebrate your love. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your would-be wedding day on lockdown.


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I’ve always been a solution kind of girl. Perhaps that was the hardest thing when coronavirus really hit the UK back in March: it was an unsolvable thing, 100% out of my control. At first I felt like crawling into a hole until it was all over. I panicked, I cried, I felt numb and scared. I know we’re all going through our own rollercoasters of emotion, and you are absolutely not alone. I have a wedding calligraphy business as well as this blog – and closing it was a really scary thing to do.

And I realised we all process in our own time. I saw a few insta posts about positivity when I wasn’t quite ready for it yet; I saw other businesses coming up with amazing new concepts, pivoting to try and ride the wave – and I felt helpless. It’s OKAY to take a little longer to process this. It’s new, it’s unknown and we’ll all react in a very personal way – and that’s FINE.


As we find ourselves in a situation we could never have dreamed would ever happen, the coming together of the wedding industry has been immense, heartwarming and wonderful. This piece by Rebecca at TDR Bridal is a must-read right to the end, lovelies.

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So I had been watching this cruel, incomprehensible disease rage through the world, slowly at first then gaining momentum hoping and praying it would never, surely reach the UK? How wrong was I?

On Saturday 21st March, at the end of a very busy day, I remember looking at my girls and thinking, I can’t honestly say for the first time ever, I’ve got your backs, you’re safe with me, I am doing my best for you.

I went home that night, knowing I had to make a decision, probably one of the hardest I have ever had to make as a Bridal Shop owner, but sometimes doing the right thing can also be the hardest thing.


Two things – when I stop giggling. Two quite important things –

1) this is actually genuinely REALLY beautiful and

2) injecting a little bit of happy chuckling into any lockdown day is the best thing you can possibly do. It’s definitely what solid-haired Rachel & Rowan did on their wedding day last week, in the company of Yorkshire wedding photographer Andy Matheson.

Beautiful lego wedding under lockdown, by Andy Matheson - Yorkshire wedding photographer on English-Wedding.com (19)

They’re the best-looking Lego couple we’ve EVER featured here on English Wedding, and despite a few mishaps (Rowan slipped and fell on the lentil-confetti, but don’t worry: he was ok) their day is – and now I’m NOT laughing: really, truly, beautifully captured!

Andy Matheson – you’re a genius. I’ve seen a few of these, but none anywhere near as beautiful. You did FIREWORKS!

Lovely readers, please do share this with everyone you know. I hope it will lighten the stress of reschedules and postponements for a little while at least. I love it to bits!


This article is from our friends and #englishweddingmember Truly Experiences
Image credits Westlake Photography – see this sunrise elopement here

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates and the powers that be continue to enforce social distancing and restrict gatherings, scheduled weddings have become a big question mark for a lot of engaged couples.

Brides and grooms around the world are understandably panicked as they are forced to consider postponing or rescheduling their big day. So many of you are worried about future plans for your wedding; there’s a lot we can learn from the experiences of couples who’ve had to reschedule their weddings from April and May. Now’s the time to (virtually) gather your friends around you for support, and check out our guide to rethinking your wedding in coronavirus times.

1. Remember you’re not alone