10 amazing moments to look forward to – even if you’re ‘only’ having a micro wedding (for now)

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Even if your hearts are breaking because you can’t invite everyone you’d love to have at your wedding. Even if you’ve had to postpone and reschedule and finally ‘settle for’ a smaller wedding than you’d dreamed of. Even if your spring wedding is limited to just a handful of the guests you’d love to invite… if you’ve planned a very different, much smaller wedding this spring there are some wonderful moments you can look forward to and cherish forever.

The inspiration for this post comes from one of our fantastic English Wedding members – Richard Skins Photography. Richard’s launched a wedding photography package especially for micro weddings, for 2021 only. It’s a little nugget of genius – allowing you to have superb images of your day even if it’s shorter than a ‘normal’ wedding.

Looks like a wedding, feels like a wedding, must be a wedding

I think it’s really important for the wedding media to share positive features about smaller weddings. While the past year has been devastating for so many of you, the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to shine: and the ultimate joy has to be the moment you are MARRIED. It will come – even if you elope now and party later… it’s the commitment between the two of you that will mean everything, I promise.

So here’s a reminder of ten amazing things to look forward to, even if your wedding isn’t huge… it’ll still be incredible.

  • You’ll still get to wake up and have that ‘We’re getting married TODAY’ moment of happy disbelief
  • The first time your eyes meet on your wedding day will be AMAZING
  • You’ll get to wear your outfits, feel like movie stars and make passers-by smile
  • Your parents will cry, in a happy way, and you’ll LOVE it
  • All of your nearest and dearest will congratulate you – from near or far. It’ll be a huge, brilliant catch-up day (with some tearful “we’ll see you very soon”s)
  • You’ll get to hold each others hands and make promises to last a lifetime
  • Your mum will secretly love the nervous excitement of baking your cake, or assembling your flowers – and she’ll shine!
  • You’ll still have beautiful flowers to hold, food to eat and stationery to enjoy and keep forever
  • The ring on your finger will remind you, always, how amazing this day was. It’ll catch you by surprise every time you see it for the next few weeks – making the washing up really quite special, or lifting the remote to change the channel, or picking up your mobile and seeing the sparkle that wasn’t there before!
  • You’ll be able to introduce ‘my husband’ or ‘my wife’ and grin like crazy whenever that happens. (Zoom meeting? Make some background noise just to hear her say “oh, that’s my wife in the other room”!!)


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