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While the UK Weddings Taskforce fight to push through changes for guest number limits to be lifted this spring, we know many of you are still planning to have a micro wedding in the coming months. If you’re embracing the beauty of an intimate wedding, then we have some lovely micro wedding flower ideas for you today from lovely Candice at So Blooming Beautiful.

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Micro weddings can be so much more personal and allow you as a couple to spend more quality time with each of your guests. While weddings of the future may be smaller in attendance, couples can make them bigger in meaning.

As receptions in the coming months are likely to be smaller, consider reallocating your wedding budget to create a unique, memorable and very personal experience.

While weddings will need to be socially distanced, how about choosing to make separate islands where each social bubble can sit? Anything goes for this where wedding flowers are concerned. Each island can be themed or personal to each bubble or a more relaxed vibe to suit your intimate wedding. We love the idea of hanging garlands of flowers and foliage to create islands, turning the space into a beautiful maze.

At an intimate wedding you cannot invite everyone that you may wish to, so do consider sending items for your Zoom or virtual guests to feel part of the day and to get involved. This includes floral gifts that are micro versions of what you are having. Sending them in advance so people can position them onto a table while they watch a live stream of your big day will make them feel included (with a note for them to raise the flowers when you are declared married!).

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At So Blooming Beautiful we are being asked more and more for personalised floral gift boxes or Bento Boxes for special guests. These include flowers chosen as they have meaning to the recipient rather than just tying into the wedding theme. Add a keepsake note sharing how much the person means to you both and why you have chosen the flowers. Apart from flowers we can add other elements to the box that will represent the couple.

Anything that will give couples, families and friends a way to get closer but still respect social distancing is a good way to go, and why not do that with flowers?

Get in touch to talk about your ideas and let’s find creative and beautiful floral ways to make your day even more special.



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