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A rather fabulous guest article by Amanda Karen Photography

Hello – I’m so happy to be with you today! Thank you, Claire for inviting me along to talk about a really important element of wedding planning – choosing suppliers. However, what follows probably isn’t what you might expect. This isn’t going to be a checklist full of reminders to ask for references and to check social media feeds. Oh no, I’m about to explain why choosing suppliers is really a whole lot more personal than that.

Let’s be honest, there are lots of wedding suppliers out there so how do you choose? If we’re truthful with ourselves, we choose to work with people we like. In actual fact, it goes beyond that – we choose people who are like us.

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Have you found yourself saying ‘we absolutely clicked’ or ‘we’ve got so much in common’ about any of the wedding pros that you’ve booked? Of course you have and it’s because, if you’ve done it right, you’ll have chosen suppliers who are like you.

Before we go any further, I should explain that I don’t mean that if you’re 5ft 8ins with dark hair, you’ll choose suppliers like that. The suppliers you’ve booked might look different, they might be a different gender or sexual orientation but they will, in some way, be like you.

It might be that a supplier mentioned your favourite book or movie in their web bio or it might be that when you spoke to them, they used the same phrases that you do. It could have happened in any one of a thousand ways but it will have happened and that could well have been the reason why you booked them above any number of equally well qualified other suppliers.

Think about wedding fairs or big wedding shows, because here you’ll see this in action. There are lots of suppliers, all offering very very similar services and products and yet you’ll automatically pass some stands by. And this is because you ‘go’ for people like you. Think of it like dating – you just know what you want and that’s what you look for.

And let me tell you now that this is actually a great way to decide which supplier to use. Something has to be the deciding factor so why not opt for someone you like and who is like you? Surely you want someone who understands you and is on your wavelength. Of course, your shortlist will be full of suppliers whose work you love, who can work to your budget and who are available on your date so what will be the deciding factor? Making the final decision based on your feelings, your intuition and your life experience of building relationships with people you like has to be a good thing.

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Now, whilst a more scientific, checklist-style approach to supplier selection might seem, in some ways, more appealing; trusting your gut and choosing to work with people you like really is a great idea. Trusting your suppliers and being able to communicate well with them is vitally important and this is so much easier if you like each other and get on.

Liking your suppliers also means that it’s really easy for you to relax and be yourself around them. From my perspective as a photographer, when couples are truly being themselves, brilliant photographic things happen. We can have fun and the images absolutely come alive. On the flip side, imagine having your photo taken by someone that you feel uncomfortable around or by someone who just sets you on edge for a reason you just can’t put your finger on. That photographer could have the greatest portfolio with work on all the big blogs but, if you’re not comfortable with them, you’ll see it in your images.

So, here’s a shout out to choosing suppliers you like and who are like you. Here’s to working with suppliers who you want to be with you on your wedding day and here’s to weddings where everyone is absolutely loving every moment. Like your suppliers – do your research and use that checklist by all means but listen to your heart. It’s always on your side.

Until next time,

Amanda x


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Words and images by Amanda Karen Photography

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A great post, and beautiful images too!

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