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This article is by our friends and sponsors at Earcandy with all images by Earcandy Films

So, you’re getting married. Yay! Congratulations! The next few months of organising are going to be some of the most stressful and exciting times of your life to date. You’ve got so, so much to do. But, hopefully, you’re going to have amazing fun doing it. Because, even if it doesn’t all go 100% to plan, it’s still going to be fabulous…

It would be nice though, wouldn’t it? If it all went to plan? If the dress is as you’ve dreamed it. The venue is like a fairy tale. The band are entertainers as much as they are performers. The speeches are made before everyone gets too tipsy and your brother doesn’t mention that thing, that you just know that he’s going to. That the cake is perfect. And that the photographer manages to capture everyone. Nicely.

live wedding bands from Earcandy UK (2)


Well, we can’t take care of all of it for you. And we certainly can’t gag your brother (although we could tune our instruments very loudly if he gets up to speak if you tip us the wink!). But, we might be able to help you with two of the more difficult things to get just right: the music and the photography.

Earcandy Live Wedding Bands

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If you’re familiar with Earcandy, it will most likely be as a live wedding band supplier. We work with a handpicked selection of some of the best musicians and vocalists in the UK. And although we do play at other events, weddings are what we do best – partly because we enjoy them so much!

The Earcandy ethos has always been about quality over quantity. But, although we only work with a small number of artists, the scope of styles is pretty comprehensive. Our six ensemble groups cover various genres – take a look at Motown Gold and The Indie Heads, then compare them with King of the Swingers if you want to see what we mean about diversity! – while our string quartet and harpist bring more of a classic feel. We also work with an incredible acoustic duo, and a DJ or DJ-sax combo, if you’re looking for something really fun and different.

And, because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy live music at their wedding, regardless of the size of venue or noise restrictions, two of our most popular acts – Motown Gold and Soul Fresh – provide frontline only arrangements. Their vocalists work to a bespoke pre-recorded backing track, while singing live just for you. It’s an amazing way to get the ambience of a live performance without the logistical problems of a full instrumental outfit.

For us, Earcandy is all about helping you to make the most incredible wedding and incredible memories. How does that connect with Earcandy Films? Well, that arm of the business is all about capturing those memories for you.

Earcandy Films

As the name hopefully suggests, Earcandy Films is the wedding video and photography arm of the business. And our aim with this is to help you to tell your story. Because, let’s face it, the story of your wedding will never get old.

From putting on your shoes…

live wedding bands from Earcandy UK (3)

To walking down the aisle…


live wedding bands from Earcandy UK (4)

Contrary to popular belief, no two weddings are ever the same, and the role of each of our creative experts is to ensure that the unique magic of your special day is captured forever in photographs and video. And at Earcandy Films, we like nothing more than telling the perfect love story.

Emma and Jamie Wedding from Earcandy Films on Vimeo.

While we’ll capture all the traditional staged shots you want, we work hard to be discreet – and never annoying! So, your wedding album will be equal parts formal and natural. We want you to look back on your wedding as it was, and see the happiness shining out of people’s faces. While we can’t promise that you won’t know we’re there – that would be a bit weird, wouldn’t it?! – we’ll promise the next best thing and help you and your guests forget about us.

People always refer to your wedding as the ‘biggest’ or ‘best’ day of your life. And of course, that might not be quite true – if you have kids their births will number pretty highly up there. Graduation day can be enormous. But it probably will be the biggest and best planned day. Of all the parties you organise throughout your life, this will always be the benchmark. And of all the events that you’re a part of, this will be the one that other people will ask you about. It’s the photo album that you’ll look at most. It’s the one that your grandchildren will want to see. That’s why it’s our privilege at Earcandy to not just provide some of your wedding’s special moments, but to record them for posterity.

And that’s what makes Earcandy and Earcandy Films such a perfect partnership… A bit like you and your intended!

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