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What comes to mind when you picture your dream live wedding entertainment? Are you caught up in the pageantry and glamour of extravagant wedding bands, or the romance and traditionalism of enchanting classical ensembles? When we picture our romantic day, it’s easy to leave a great many alternatives out of mind. Well, as wonderful as floor-filling function bands and romantic string ensembles are, we’re placing another praiseworthy wedding artist in the spotlight – the acoustic solo artist!

There’s a minimalist beauty in an acoustic singer-guitarist that’s often underestimated. Imagine a lone singer delivering heartfelt vocals with nothing but their own charisma (and an instrument honed by 4,000 years of history, of course) to captivate an entire audience – an incredible performance using only what is absolutely necessary. Have an unaccompanied virtuoso make your big day exceptional, and you experience a unique connection that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

While you can enjoy the stripped-back versatility of an acoustic solo performance indoors or outdoors, solo singer-guitarists offer much more than you might think. Many are able to change gears during the evening and perform party tunes to get guests dancing, using backing tracks or the loop pedals popularised by Ed Sheeran to build a bigger sound. The option of amplification makes singer-guitarists suitable for venues with and without sound limitations. You might also find it a lot easier to deal with a single musician than a whole band, particularly when it comes to song requests, which require a lot more co-ordination from bigger groups!

So, there’s a run-down of the reasons why you might want to choose an acoustic soloist for your big day. But where do you go from here? Just as you have a dizzying array of styles of band to choose from – pop and rock bands, festival wedding bands, vintage wedding bands, rock ‘n’ roll wedding bands – there’s a multitude of soloists each with their own unique take on performance. With so many artists out there, it can be tricky knowing where to begin – but not to worry, we’ve brought you some of the finest acoustic solo guitarists and singers in the country, ready to serenade you and your loved one whether you’re beneath historic church vaults or the summer sun.

Russell Mayer

Based in Surrey, available nationwide.

Starting off our list we have Russell Mayer, the true archetype of a passionate and versatile pop and rock singer and guitarist! With a contemporary pop voice straight from your favourite boy band, Russell’s repertoire spans the ages and the genres to give all your guests a treat no matter their tastes.

Russell is also highly experienced and well qualified! His training at the Academy of Contemporary Music means not only is he a virtuosic performer, he’s also a talented songwriter and music teacher too. He can perform amplified or unamplified at your wedding, making him suitable for any kind of venue. He’ll learn your first dance or a special request to boot, making your big day that little bit extra special.


Matt Taylorson

Based in West Midlands, available nationwide.

Matt Taylorson is a man of outstanding talent who makes an irresistible choice for those seeking a heartfelt musician to deliver expressive songs on their big day. Matt is a versatile one-man band delivering an eclectic range of covers from rock to soul, reggae, pop, country and indie, making him a safe bet for anyone looking to please a crowd of divergent tastes!

With an impressive musical pedigree, this talented singer-guitarist comes with over a decade of experience and has toured alongside the likes of Adam Ant, Sugarcult and the Selector. He’ll learn your first dance free of charge and his optional acoustic daytime set is guaranteed to move you during your ceremony.


PJ Myers

Based in Rutland, available nationwide.

If you’re a boisterous rock and country loving couple looking to make your big day bombastic, you’re in for a treat! With his irresistible head-bopping renditions of smoky rock numbers and stripped back bluegrass stomps, PJ Myers performs with the magnetic stage presence of legendary singer songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Whether you’re yearning for the sounds of the Bayou or some rowdy rock legends, PJ’s one-man show combines guitar, harmonica, and Sheeran-esque loop pedals to deliver the kind of rambunctious muscle normally reserved for the big bands!

Winner of BBC’s Young Artist of the Month, PJ uses his skill as a songwriter to give a unique twist to well-known favourites. His dynamic solo show is truly not to be missed, and his perfectionist attitude to everything he does puts your special day in safe hands. It really doesn’t get much better.


Acoustic Sounds

Based in West Yorkshire, available nationwide.

A live performance doesn’t have to be rowdy and rambunctious to be memorable. In fact, we can’t imagine many things more romantic than Acoustic Sounds providing the harmonies to your intimate first dance, delivering delicate and moving covers of classic love songs and chart toppers throughout your big day.

This exceptional singer-guitarist has packed her repertoire full of RnB, pop, and old-school classics in the 7 years she’s spent playing all across the UK and Europe, making her suited to please guests of all backgrounds. Her delicate voice is the perfect way to relax and serenade your guests, and she’ll be delighted to learn a special request to make your evening truly special. Need a little extra sound for a bigger crowd? You’re in luck, because Acoustic Sounds also come as an optional acoustic duo or trio.


John Daniels

Based in Merseyside, available nationwide.

Sometimes, power comes through simplicity. Keeping things pure is John Daniels, a musician with 10 years’ professional experience delivering rock and pop covers with nothing more than breath-taking guitar skill and his outstanding voice.

Whether he’s teaching music, performing at the Echo Arena, touring the length and breadth of Britain, or serenading you and your partner at your wedding breakfast, John will deliver a set-list from his eclectic repertoire perfectly suited to his audience. Fans of pop, rock classics, Motown, soul, funk, country and Irish are well served by John’s acoustic covers – he’s sure to serenade everyone during your romantic day, and will learn 3 requests free of charge just for you.


Marcus Stefan

Based in London, available nationwide.

Warning – when you hear Marcus Stefan strike the first chord, your heart will want to burst! You’ll never tire of his gorgeous vocals, effortlessly wandering through spirited renditions of songs by David Bowie, John Legend, and George Ezra. His broad repertoire of soulful rock, pop, and indie songs stretches from the 60s to the present day, accompanied by 20 years of musical training and 10 years of performative experience.

Marcus is perfect for those looking for slow, romantic numbers or lively indie covers with a subtle talent and truly soulful edge. His innovative renditions come adjusted to your needs and requirements, and he’ll learn two requests free of charge – arriving with his own professional PA and a playlist DJ service to keep your party going even when he’s not on stage.


AJ Acoustic

Based in Tyne and Wear, available nationwide.

An acoustic soloist needn’t be limited to one instrument, and AJ Acoustic has gone the full length to demonstrate the versatility of a one-man band! Tell your guests to hold on tight when this talented singer, guitarist, pianist and saxophonist takes to the stage, because his extraordinary show will blow you away!

Unrivalled choice awaits with AJ Acoustic – over 250 chart, Motown, pop, rock, funk and soul hits are yours to choose from when selecting a set-list for your special day. Whether you’re after a relaxed ambient acoustic set for the daytime drinks or a thrilling party-mix for the evening reception, you’ll enjoy the richness of a bigger band with AJ Acoustic’s loop pedal, which combines the sounds of guitar, drum beats and harmonies with a versatile voice sure to make you swoon!


Hannah Natalie

Based in Cheshire, available nationwide.

Music and performing is all Hannah Natalie has ever wanted to do, and her unparalleled passion becomes evident when you experience her spine-tingling vocals for the first time. Hannah has performed her whole life, and began doing shows at the age of 14 – but what more would you expect from someone who grew up influenced by legends like the Beatles? Her incomparable covers of countless well-known songs are a pleasure to behold, and in addition to her solo performance, Hannah also provides a DJ playlist so there are no lulls in the evening entertainment.


Daniel Jones

Based in Leicestershire , available nationwide.

An electrifying live show of classic rock and roll to modern pop hits awaits! Nothing beats the versatility of an exceptional vocalist and acoustic guitarist who can serenade you and your loved one during the ceremony, and still rock your reception into the night!

Daniel Jones performs his smooth vocal harmonies and rapturous guitar picking with years of experience and a totally self-contained performance. You can expect high-quality PA and lighting as standard – as well as optional DJ services. Whether you hire him solo or opt for some extra musicians (he can come as part of an acoustic duo or amplified party trio), Daniel will work with you to deliver the entertainment of your dreams.



Based in Suffolk, available nationwide.

Audiences around the world have already been wowed by Serenity’s incredible vocal power. Now you can enjoy classics by Buddy Holly and Billy Joel all the way to modern hits by Adele and Ed Sheeran from one of the most talented singers on the live circuit on your wedding day!

Whether she’s singing alongside her own guitar, piano, or high-quality backing tracks, you’ll be left speechless by Serenity’s vocal range. Within a moment Serenity can switch from soothing serenade to high-powered party mode – just what you need to smoothen your ceremony or animate your after-party on the busy day! Your first dance is included in the booking, and with her own PA and lighting Serenity delivers a stage-show experience that’ll have you buzzing long before she takes to the stage.


Jim H

Based in Somerset, available nationwide.

Jim H is without a doubt one of the most respected artists currently on the live music circuit! By uniting a diverse and recognisable spread of pop and rock tunes from artists like Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars with his own stripped-back style and professional sound, this wedding guitarist and singer is the perfect way to deliver an extra ray of sunshine on your special day.

Jim H’s effortlessly soaring vocals alone are guaranteed to enchant everyone at your wedding, but when layered with additional harmonies from his loop pedal, you’d be forgiven for thinking a full band had taken to the stage! His experience supporting big name artists and years spent touring, recording, and composing give Jim an enviable saga that keeps growing -and now you can be part of it. Don’t miss out!


Hiring an Acoustic Soloist

The best way to snap up one of these amazing artists – or any other act for your wedding entertainment – is to head on over to www.entertainment-nation.co.uk and get in touch with the friendly team, who are on hand from 10am until 10pm, 7 days a week to help you find your dream act.

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