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Planning the entertainment for your wedding can be stressful at any time, but a Christmas wedding? How do you strike the right balance? Do you go fully Jingle Bells, or ignore the festive feeling and stick to the songs and sounds that matter to you? The thing is, with those blazing log fires, mistletoe, and frosty weather – all the better for snuggling close – winter is an incredibly romantic time of year. So, whatever theme you choose for your wedding, it has the potential to be magical. Your wedding entertainment is that little sprinkling of fairy dust on top, that makes the whole thing sparkle.

So, grab some spices, mull some wine and have a little read through our guide to choosing the best entertainment for your winter wedding.

The Earcandy Christmas Band

For all your Christmases rolled into one, the Earcandy Christmas Band will shimmy and shake their way through every merry melody to ever set festive toes tapping. From Silent Night to Frosty the Snowman – and everything in between – these guys perform with such gusto that they make every song their own. And their passion for performance means that you’d never guess that for them, it really is Christmas every day!

Motown Gold

Think you don’t know any Motown? Think again. You don’t need to be an aficionado to know and love Motown Gold’s playlist. And that’s what makes them such a hit. Oozing energy, charisma and soul, if these guys don’t get your guests on the dancefloor, nothing will. It’s a sound that manages to be festive, without so much as a jingle bell.


High energy, high enthusiasm, and not a Christmas song in hearing distance. The Indieheads are the perfect choice for anyone who wants amazing Indie and Rock music at their wedding, while leaving Santa firmly out of the equation.

Silent Disco

OK, so this might seem like an odd choice for a wedding, but bear with us, it’s not as crazy as you might think. Venues are hard to come by for Christmas, which sometimes means that you have to compromise on entertainment. There may be noise restrictions, or there may just not be space for a live band. A silent disco can be hugely atmospheric… without making a sound, or taking up any more space than that needed for Grandad’s dance moves. And the great thing about it for Christmas is that you can offer dual playlists, so those who want to get into the silly season can, and those who don’t can content themselves with other tracks.

Soul Fresh Frontline

If you really want the live music vibe, but need to keep the volume slightly lower, then this dangerous duo will bring such soul to your wedding, without taking up space. With backing tracks recorded by our professional musicians, your guests may not even notice that the instruments are missing. It’s such a perfect compromise that you don’t even realise that you’re compromising… And if space isn’t at a premium, then the full band are available too.

String Quartet

There’s not much to be said about our string quartet that their music won’t tell you with more eloquence. Combining classical and contemporary music these ladies will bring both their talent and shedloads of sophistication to your wedding. Just listen; you’ll see why we love them.


If you’re looking for style but stuck for space, the Earcandy Harpist can fill any room with music, while only taking up a small corner of it. The harp is an instrument – when played well – that can make your soul shiver. There is nothing more atmospheric for a traditionally styled wedding. Sensational, in every meaning of the word.

Earcandy Acoustic

Intimate, elegant, and extremely special, an acoustic performance could give your wedding celebration the perfect character. Our musicians will fill your venue with warmth, without dominating or demanding to be heard. And there’s still plenty of opportunity for a slow dance or two.

Black & Gold

Fast, feisty and ferociously talented, Black & Gold brings woman-power to the mic. With storming female hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, this is a band that will get your dance floor moving, regardless of the weather. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, because these barnstormers will blow it all away with a breath of joyous fresh air.

King of the Swingers

These guys are for all you hepcats swing chicks out there. They will take you back to the 1930s and 40s with the tap of a single toe. They are coolness personified and can’t help but make you smile. Who needs Santa Claus when you’ve got a swing band at your wedding?

The Somebodys

If you were looking up crowd-pleasers in a dictionary, then there would be a picture of The Somebodys. With a playlist ranging from the 50s to 90s, they will have something that tickles the fancy of every one of your guests. There aren’t many groups that can claim to do that.


If you want to make sure that your guests get up and dance, then a DJ has to be one of your best options. And the Earcandy DJ is certainly no exception. With more 6,000 tunes at his fingertips – who knows, some of them might just be festive! – he can create a playlist just for you. And if you’re looking for something really special, check out our DJ and Sax combo. Sax-ifaction guaranteed!

Whatever entertainment you choose for your wedding, the one guiding principle should be that it’s what YOU want. Of course, you’ll have a better time if your guests are enjoying it too – so maybe steer clear of Noise Music! – but otherwise, it’s your day. And may it be merry and bright.

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