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Jessabella Nails’ easy-to-follow beauty checklist for brides

This is a guest article by Jess, beauty blogger at Jessabella Nails

Woohoo, congratulations on your engagement! I am so thrilled for you. It’s every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle feeling beautiful wearing a wedding dress. But wait, as a bride you will be the centre of attention and your beauty should be at the top of your list of things to prepare. Thus, to make it a bit easy for you all, I made a Beauty Checklist for brides that will help you look and feel your very best on your wedding day.

6 months before your wedding

  1. Visit a Dermatologist
    If you suffer from acne or spots or your skin is just breaking out all the time, make an appointment with a Dermatologist. The last thing you want is to get unexpected spots just before your wedding day. You don’t necessarily need to do this step, but if it will make you more at ease on your big day. Why not!
  2. Get your eyebrows sorted
    If your eyebrows don’t have the perfect arch, and it’s all bushy and in a total nightmare to get a pair of tweezers and pluck them? Well, put those tweezers away, and let a brow therapist take care of them for you. I suggest getting them done frequently, so your brows get used to the shape you want.
  3. Get your diet going
    Eating healthily, drinking lots of water and getting exercise is a great way to help you look great and feel amazing. Your skin gets more explicit, your hair and nails grow faster. Don’t forget if you are stressing about your big day, this is a great way to ease it. I recommend creating a meal planner and an exercise routine. Get fit and tone up your body, this way you won’t need to worry about fitting in your wedding dress. If you can’t get all the minerals and nutrients you are lacking through food, buy vitamin supplements to take every day.
  4. Book your makeup and hair trial
    It’s crucial you book a trial with a makeup artist in advance as they get fully booked quickly. Find a makeup artist that does hair and makeup, so when you at your trial run you can see the two looks together. Create a mood board on Pinterest of what sort of makeup and hairstyle look you want. The more detail you give to your makeup artist the better it is for her to understand what exactly you want.
  5. Sort out your hair
    If you want to try out a new hairstyle or change of colour, now is the time to do so. And I don’t mean chopping your hair off. It takes a lifetime to grow it out. Keep it quite natural, trimmed, and if you were looking to change your hair colour, keep to a similar shade to your natural hair colour, otherwise you might not end up liking it. Your hairdresser should tell you to try out a deep conditioner treatment. This treatment will help keep your hair looking smooth, soft and healthy. If you start now, it will have enough time to repair itself esp. if you dye your hair.

3 months before your wedding day

  1. Get yourself a Manicure and Pedicure Treatment
    Treat yourself with a manicure and pedicure treatment, get all those dead skin and callus under your feet removed, and your nails all neat and looking healthy. Also, take this time to decide what sort of nails you want to have on for your wedding, whether it’s just gel polish on your natural nails or acrylic/gel extensions. Also, think about the colour choice etc. ask your nail technician for what’s trending at the moment in the wedding industry.
  2. Facial Treatment
    Go for a facial; this will help smooth out your skin, remove unwanted black and white heads, acne breakouts and remove dead skin. If you don’t break out after doing this treatment, get a facial two weeks before your wedding.
  3. Groom your Brows
    If you don’t always have time to go to the salon to sort out your brows, pluck areas that need plucking, and trim them with a pair of brow scissors, so they stay the shape you want it. Do this weekly, depending on how fast your hair grows.
  4. Keep on eating healthy and exercising
    If you’ve been eating healthy and getting exercise, great! You should feel so much better about yourself, feeling more robust, and stronger.

1 month till your wedding day

  1. Go for your makeup and hair trial
    Make sure you have your images of makeup and hair you like to show to your makeup artist. My tip to you is always go natural and always go for what you feel comfortable wearing.
  2. Keep your brows in shape
    One week before your wedding, go to the brow therapist and get your eyebrows waxed and neatened up.
  3. Keep working out
    Keep going to the gym – you’ll feel amazing for it, and those hours away from wedding planning will keep you sane!
  4. Get a final hair trim and colour
    Sort out your hair for the last time before your wedding.
  5. Get your nails done
    One week before your wedding, go to your nail technician and get your finger and toenails painted. Avoid having nail varnish if you want your nails to last till your honeymoon is over. I recommend going for gel polish or acrylic/gel extensions. If you’re looking for wedding nails ideas go on pinterest.
  6. Get your last facial
    If you didn’t break out from the first facial appointment, and you saw it had significant benefits for your skin, go for your last facial.
  7. Pack a beauty kit for your wedding day
    Add a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser, a top-up lipstick, concealer and powder, hairspray, bobby pins, deodorant, tissues, baby wipes, and cotton buds, cuticle oil and hand lotion.

TIP: So, I didn’t add spray tanning into the checklist – well to be honest with you, as a therapist myself I don’t recommend it. It will stain your beautiful expensive dress. Embrace your natural skin tone or get a light natural tan in the summer months (but stay safe and don’t overdo it!)

Thanks for reading brides, I hope this beauty checklist will prepare some of you for your wedding and I wish you a fabulous day for you and your future husband.


Photo credit: Oobaloos Photography Cheltenham, hair and makeup by Stefanie Grisdale (Lake District)

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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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