Will it rain on your wedding day? Test our calculator and find out!

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I love this genius little invention from the guys at Monsoon – they have researched historical weather data and used it to create a nifty little gadget which shows which dates are – historically – the wettest, in the hope that brides and grooms can stock up on brollies and suncream before the big day!

It’s a Nice Day for a Dry Wedding

86 years of Met Office rainfall data helps predict the best and worst days of the year to hold your wedding and avoid the rain.

  • “Wedding Day Weather Calculator” created to help predict % chance of rain on any date, in a specific region of the UK
  • April is the driest month of the year in the UK and the best month for a dry wedding
  • 15th April is the driest day on average for the UK
  • November is the wettest month of the year, with the 11th officially the wettest
  • August is the wettest month during spring and summer

What are you waiting for? Pop in your wedding date and let’s see if it’s traditionally a rainy one!

Every bride and groom feel the pressure when planning for their perfect wedding, but there are certain things no amount of planning can control, especially the highly unreliable British weather. To help give UK couples the best possible chance of a dry wedding, high street retailer Monsoon has looked back at 86 years’ worth of Met Office rainfall data to help predict the wedding day dates to consider and the ones to avoid.

For the newly engaged, Monsoon can help make setting that all important date that little bit easier, highlighting the driest days of the year, so it doesn’t rain on your wedding parade. Forget April showers, as April is in fact the driest month of the year for the UK as a whole – averaging a daily rainfall of just 2.29mm. This compared to the popular summer wedding month of August, which has the highest daily rainfall out of all the spring and summer months. For couples serious about dodging the drizzle, April 15th is the wedding date to choose, with an average rainfall of 1.85mm, crowning it the UK’s driest day.

The one of a kind “Wedding Weather Calculator” has been created to help you make an informed decision when choosing your wedding date, essentially helping you to predict the unpredictable. Select the wedding date, month and region and the calculator will provide the percentage chance of rain, as well as the average amount of rainfall on that date.

For anyone planning an autumnal wedding, November is the month to avoid, with an average of 3.84mm of rain per day. To stop rain dampening your wedding spirits, avoid 11th November, as the average rainfall on that day is the UK’s highest at a huge 4.96mm.

For more information please visit: https://uk.monsoon.co.uk/will-it-rain-on-your-wedding-day

Photo credit: Gemma Giorgio Photography at The Great Lodge Essex. See Hayley and Gilley’s gorgeous wedding from our archives here

*Disclaimer – we’re making no promises here! This is a fun gadget to show when it’s rained in the past. Make of it what you will!

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