Five Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

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So your best friend is getting married. What do you buy as a wedding gift? Shopping for a perfect wedding gift can be daunting, but when it comes to a close friend, there can be even more pressure to find the perfect gift.

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You not only want to find the perfect gift for the happy couple, but you want one that will also signify the many years of friendship you have shared. The gift should always be thoughtful, but you shouldn’t spend time stressing over it, as sometimes the most meaningful gifts are often ones that are not expensive. Of course, you don’t want to get something that just anybody can buy.

As a good friend, in addition to the simple fact that it comes from you, the happy couple will assign a special meaning to your gift. There are literally tons of wedding gift ideas out there, so it really depends on how well you know the couple.

It’s also worth noting that today’s couples want modern twists on the traditional wedding gifts, so it’s still worth considering a gift for the kitchen, dining, bedroom and bathroom. They might actually need something functional for the house, most people usually do, but whatever they do or don’t need, couples usually aren’t concerned with the cost, because as with all gifts, it’s the thought that counts, right?

In this post, The Present Tree will look at a few different gift ideas to help inspire you to find the right wedding gift for your friend, offering a few tips along the way.

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Firstly, you need to have a good sense of what kinds of tastes you’re working with and what kind of lifestyle it will fit into. If the couple are already living together, then most of the traditional kitchen or bedroom gifts aren’t necessary and you can go for something a tad more unique?

Whatever you do decide, it’s important to stay in your budget. On average, most people may spend £60 + on a wedding gift, but if this is slightly out of your budget, you can go with a less expensive gift. You friend will appreciate it if you put less focus on the price tag and more focus on the meaning of the gift!

One top tip is to combine your money. So, if you think of something bigger for your friend for the wedding, why not get friends or family to contribute to it together.

It used to be common for couples to offer a gift list on invitations. Nowadays most brides and grooms ask for contributions to their honeymoon fund. When it comes to your best friend’s wedding day, you might want to give them something a little more personal – and after all, you know them best so choosing the right gift shouldn’t be so hard to do.

The ‘Couple Who Have Everything’ Gift

If you’re pretty sure your friend already has everything they need and want, a money box filled with cash can be a really sweet gift. Many couples have to watch their finances for a while after the wedding, so a little pot to treat themselves with is a nice idea. Another top tip is to pull off a cash gift with creativity, like using a money clip with their initials engraved, or in a box alongside some more mementos!

Romance and feminine, rustic charm for an Aldwick Court Farm wedding. image credit Love In Focus Bristol wedding photographers (21)

The Unique Gift

One truly unique gift idea that will help the happy couple celebrate their special day forever is a tree. Each type of tree has their own meaning, which can be a touching symbol for the bride and groom as they start married life together.

If cared for properly, the tree you choose should continue to grow over the years, serving as a touching reminder of the happy couple’s special day. With these plants growing equally well in a garden, on a balcony or even in a conservatory; if you’re looking for a unique wedding gift idea, one of these trees could be the answer, no matter where the happy couple live.

There are many special trees that have lovely meanings, which make them truly great gifts for the bride and groom. For example, a Cherry tree symbolises good fortune and future happiness. The great thing about cherry trees is that they look beautiful all year round, as their glossy green leaves are ever-present. Then when it reaches spring, cream flowers will start cropping up, brightening every single day! Or you could get the couple a Camellia tree which boasts beautiful leaves all year round; in addition to pretty flowers that blossom, attracting bees and butterflies alike. Symbolising love and devotion, the Camellia is a unique wedding present to gift the happy couple with, representing a love-filled future for them both.

The Thoughtful Gift

Unsure of a specific gift to give, a commemorative gift might be the answer. In this instance, the actual product can be a range of different things, but the meaning and personalisation attached to the gift make it special. An individual way to commemorate their wedding day. You could personalise a teapot, a clock for their living room, mugs, cushions, etc.. the list is endless. But the newlyweds are likely to keep it forever as they will associate the gift with their wedding day for the rest of their life.

Another thoughtful option is to name a star after the happy couple, very easy to do and not too expensive.

The Romantic Gift 

Vouchers for a meal out at their favourite restaurant is a great gift. Perhaps if you know where they first met? Or their favourite cuisine? Ideally, anything that the newlyweds can do together is perfect, so for a much-needed gift Spa vouchers, are always a winner. After most weddings, a detox is needed.

You could also find a unique couple experience like champagne tasting or theatre tickets to a popular west end show or – if your budget allows or you’re clubbing together, festival tickets!

The Charitable Gift

Finally, if your friend feels passionately about a particular cause, then a charity donation on their behalf can be an ideal present. You could even sponsor an endangered animal in their name.

What wedding gift to buy has changed over the past decade, perhaps due to changing attitudes or the rising age in marriage, but we hope that by reading this, you have found some inspiration for your best friend’s wedding!

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