A wedding show press invitation… and a bacon cupcake?

I’ll make this post very short and sweet. This morning I got a lovely-looking package through the post from Brides The Show, which I thought was wonderful! Inside, two invitations to their wedding show, some meringues (which were delicious) and a cupcake. It was a bit squashed, but fair play I thought: it’s come all the way from London, poor little thing – and they’ve tried hard and spent money. Least I can do is say thank you for the treat.

bacon cupcake

So off to Facebook I went, excitedly chirruping “thank you Brides The Show for the lovely cupcake, I’d love to come to your wedding show but can’t make it.” I thanked the meringue people, and the cupcake makers. Hadn’t tried the cake yet but the meringues were really nice.

I was saving the cupcake for after my lunch. There was a little note asking if I could recognise the flavour. The clue: tastes like a popular breakfast flavour. Easy, I thought – has to be toast and jam. What else could you possibly turn into a cupcake? I briefly considered coco pops, but was smugly convinced it’d be jam or marmalade.

I’ve just tried the cupcake. I got halfway through: no recognisable strawberry / raspberry / marmalade flavour, but the icing was nice. And then…

The chewy bit. I thought, they’ve cheated a bit on the jam – this is just like dried fruit. Bit chewy. It took a few seconds longer to taste the faint bacon flavour. What the…

I spat it out. Then I took the cupcake apart (like in science). There were more bits of bacony stuff. I didn’t eat any more. It was vile! I dread to think that the squidgy bit of the icing was more than likely scrambled egg flavour (because of course a bacon cupcake wouldn’t be the same without a bit of scrambled egg, would it?!)

I can still taste it now. I’m wondering if I’ve upset the people at Brides The Show somehow. Maybe all the other wedding bloggers got toast and jam flavour, or coco pop cupcakes… or maybe the marketeers thought all the crazy wedding blogger characters would want to try a ‘fun’ flavour! Hmm…

The Marketing team behind Brides The Show have some bizarre ideas. What on earth possessed them to send a bacon cupcake to a wedding blogger? I’m sure as hell not going to write about the show today – only the bacon-cake!

Unfortunately as I mentioned I can’t be in London on the 4th of October. However, if you are – and especially if you think bacon cupcakes sound nice – do pop down and investigate Brides The Show. Take a bucket or dissection equipment if you plan to try cupcakes…

A safer, tastier alternative wedding event!

On a brighter note, it’s the London Foodie Wedding Fair this weekend, and if this post has left a sour flavour in your mouth, I’d recommend visiting that one instead! I’ve had a few emails about that one and it looks mouthwateringly good!

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