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Planning a wedding today often looks a lot different than it did in the past. Every culture and time period has its own traditions, but couples don’t always have to follow them. You can modernise outdated customs to make your ceremony more personal and skip anything that doesn’t feel authentic to your relationship. There are always ways to customise the details and make the day memorable.

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Traditionally weddings have come with a well-known set of rules – don’t see the bride in her dress before the big day, no one else wears white… you get the gist.  And that’s totally fine! Having rules at your wedding isn’t a new concept, but have you heard of the couples taking it one step further?

Here are a few eccentric rules grooms and brides have implemented to make sure their day stays running smoothly.

Phones Free Ceremony

“Unplugged” weddings are becoming more popular as many start resenting seeing everything through a screen. But why?

Wedding traditions are a hot topic right now, and we’re all for crushing the patriarchy and making NEW traditions of our own! Here’s four for starters, sent in by nice person called Owen at Mediaworks, on behalf of Langley Castle. Oh, and edited for inclusivity because not all weddings have a bride! Header image: Linus Moran Photography & Film

While traditions are still followed by the majority, with 83% of couples, for example,  continuing the first dance tradition, some feel it can make a wedding less personal. If you love the old traditions that’s absolutely fine! But if you’d like to switch things up, by injecting a theme close to you and your partner, you can ensure that your day is as you want it, with or without the first dance or bouquet toss!

Not all weddings are created equal, folks… and on your planning journey you can expect to hear some ‘interesting’ opinions about things brides ‘should’ do / have and things grooms ‘should‘ say / wear… because the preconceptions about weddings are HUGE!

Opinions come from all sides: families, the more traditional suppliers, the wedding press (you know, the pink magazines which are all about brides?) – and they’re steeped in tradition. Weddings have so much patriarchal baggage it’s a journey in itself to tackle the preconceptions head on and come up with a day that’s just right for you both – in equal measures!

Etiquette is a word which turns me cold. It just implies a ton of rules and regulations, and the risk of doing things ‘wrong’ – and planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about wordings and receiving lines and whose name goes first, right? Etiquette and traditions go pretty much hand in hand, and I’m all for burning the rule book and doing things your own way – who’s with me?

Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (28)

So I had a little chat with a few friends on our Facebook page the other day. Here’s a list of 4 brilliant wedding traditions we love… and 9 we really do seem to hate!