How to Modernise These Outdated Wedding Traditions

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Planning a wedding today often looks a lot different than it did in the past. Every culture and time period has its own traditions, but couples don’t always have to follow them. You can modernise outdated customs to make your ceremony more personal and skip anything that doesn’t feel authentic to your relationship. There are always ways to customise the details and make the day memorable.

1. Doing a One-Knee Wedding Proposal

People debate the origins of the down-on-one-knee proposal. Some people think it comes from the tradition of knights showing respect to women in the audience. Others believe it relates to kneeling before kings. Either way, it’s a traditional way to get engaged that’s optional.

You or your partner could pop the question anywhere. Ask them to marry you while you’re on a roller coaster, swimming in the ocean or having breakfast on a Sunday morning. As long as one of you can voice the words, your proposal story can get as creative as you’d like.

2. Throwing Confetti After the Reception

Confetti is a timeless tradition, but is surprisingly often banned by wedding venues because it’s messy! Always check with your venue if confetti is allowed, and any restrictions on the type. Choose sustainable confetti where you can (ask your supplier) and communicate with guests that they shouldn’t bring their own.

It may also not be how you’d like to celebrate your big day. Exit your reception however you’d like. Your guests could blow bubbles over your head or wave paper streamers.

3. Hosting Hen and Stag Parties

People have been throwing hen and stag parties for hundreds of years. They’re fun ways for grooms and brides to celebrate with their favourite people right before their weddings, but you don’t have to have them. Parties require additional planning and spending more money. And why have two separate events? Combining the two (perhaps a ‘sten’ party) is way better!

4. Buying a Brand New Ring

Advertisements and bragging lovers might convince you you need a brand new wedding ring. A grand expenditure may be romantic for some, but not others.

Save a few pounds and put them toward your big day by looking for your rings outside a name-brand jewellery store. Hand-me-downs from loved ones who passed away are always a sweet touch. Vintage stores and antique shops are fabulous – or find someone who’ll make rings from recycled gold for the ultimate in sustainable wedding rings.

Don’t add more financial stress to your wedding planning experience than you might already feel. Do what’s best for your budget and mental health by considering nontraditional places to find your rings.

5. Wearing Traditional Wedding Attire

While many people dream of the perfect wedding gown, you do not need to stick to traditional formal attire for your wedding. You and your spouse-to-be can choose whatever you feel comfortable in. It’s your day, so you should wear what makes you feel confident.

You can also think about practicality when it comes to your wardrobe. If you’re getting married outside, for example, you may want to skip high heels, long veils or heavy suits. A beach wedding may call for casual, airy clothes, while a woodland wedding would work better with comfortable shoes and shorter dresses.

Modernise Your Wedding Traditions

Couples use wedding traditions to guide their planning experiences but don’t always enjoy every outdated idea. Modernise your ceremony and reception with these suggestions instead. You’ll have a wedding you love almost as much as your partner, which is worth every moment of studious planning.

Cora Gold is a wedding writer and Editor-in-Chief of Revivalist magazine, where she aims to inspire people to achieve the wedding of their dreams. Connect with Cora on Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn

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