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Do you celebrate Halloween? Here at English Wedding HQ I love the old belief in fairies and spirits – it’s said they can reach us more easily tonight than at any other time in the year… so I see it as a time to pray for loved ones lost; to celebrate their lives and look back on precious times and memories shared. It’s also a lovely opportunity to cook pumpkin stuff – I actually spent a few happy moments writing on a little pumpkin in my calligraphy class the other week! Anyway – before I begin today’s blog post I have a request for wedding stylists and photographers – I would love to feature this year’s Halloween weddings on the blog this time next year. If you’re styling or shooting a wedding today, please consider submitting it for publication on English Wedding next year. We don’t need ghosts and goths (although, that would be pretty awesome!) – I’m looking for weddings with orange, autumnal or pumpkin styling ideas to inspire our readers. Thank you!

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Hey lovelies! I have something special for all of you crafty brides and grooms – I’ve launched a nice chunky handful of NEW modern calligraphy workshops for 2019, and one of them will be ESPECIALLY for wedding calligraphy. This is the first workshop of its kind in the UK (or anywhere, as far as I know!) and will focus on helping you create beautifully lettered items for your wedding.

If you’re tying the knot in 2019, have crafty tendencies and love lettering, then this is going to be the perfect workshop for you! Why not bring along your bridesmaids, or your mum or your other half – and I’ll introduce you to beautiful modern calligraphy so you can design gorgeous goodies for your wedding day!

We’ll learn how to write a simple calligraphy alphabet and chat about wedding styling ideas with your beautiful lettering skills!

On the day we’ll write –

  • Alphabet sample sheets
  • Place cards for you and your other half!
  • A personal wedding monogram (with my help!)
Jane Austen wedding style inspiration from Oxford Hall, with Katy Melling Photography (27)

Two words I’ve been hearing quite often as we approach 2019 are ‘heirloom’ and ‘heritage’ – brides and grooms are looking more to our culture and history than ever before, for inspiration for wedding styling. ‘Vintage’ as a source of wedding ideas is still hugely popular, with couples now looking for venues with their own character and unique history. So this inspirational feature from Doxford Hall has to be one of my favourite shoots of ALL TIME! It’s a perfect fit for English Wedding too of course, with a nod to Jane Austen and such delightful styling touches! The calligraphy is mine – I’m so proud to have been a part of such a beautiful photoshoot (and my paper goodies get to visit such wonderful places!)

Claire xx

Jane Austen wedding style inspiration from Oxford Hall, with Katy Melling Photography (2)

Crafted from mellow stone, with its formal gardens and manicured lawns, featuring Europe’s largest yew tree maze, Doxford Hall is a dreamy, romantic and photogenic venue, and Northumbria’s only four red star wedding venue. To celebrate its bicentenary, a creative team channelled their love of beautiful things and shared passion for the finer things in life, to create a Jane Austen-inspired styled bridal shoot to capture the elegance and romance of this beautiful country wedding venue.

Not on the High Street calligraphy set (4)

What a whirlwind last year was! I hope 2017 has been as wonderful for you as it has for us here at the English Wedding Blog HQ. Time to start afresh, relax and rewind, and make some lovely plans for the year ahead. If you’re thinking ahead to your 2018 wedding (eeekkk!!) and looking for a project or a crafty little challenge for the year ahead, I might just have the perfect solution.

Not on the High Street calligraphy set (5)

We all LOVE a bit of wedding crafting. Over the last year or so DIY weddings have become so much more sophisticated – and one of my very favourite things is seeing couples learning from the experts. Courses on flower arranging, cake design and more have caught our attention – but my personal favourite will always be calligraphy. It’s such a lovely hobby – it will stay with you for life, and having the skills to write your own invitations, design your own stationery – and add that personal touch to everything.

Not on the High Street calligraphy set (1)


I’m pretty well acquainted with a particular wedding invitation designer and calligrapher whose eyes roll right back into her head at the first breath of “request the pleasure of your company…”. The thing is – it’s not a phrase anyone would ever breathe, or even dream of saying out loud. If you’re having a party, you tell your friends in person: “we’re having dinner & drinks at mine for New Year – would you like to come?” The only place we seem to use the horribly stilted “request the pleasure of your company” is on wedding invitations. And not the fun, exciting ones.


Google ‘wedding invitation wordings’ for inspiration and an overwhelming number of options pop up. People you don’t know on the internet have very kindly written infinite versions of “request the pleasure of your company” to accommodate divorced parents, couples hosting their own day, and goats.

If only the variations on all of these prescribed wordings were a little more relaxed, fun, personal and creative, right?!


I’m a total paper freak. I love exploring art shops and specialist stationery suppliers’ little havens of handmade papers, running my hands along the torn edges of any new stock I can find. I know it’s weird.

But there’s a thing I can’t get out of my head: I read on a wedding blog a week or two ago that one of the key trends for 2018 wedding stationery would be paper.

Calligraphy wedding invitations from UK Calligrapher By Moon and Tide (4)

Photo: Olivia Bossert for a shoot for Wedding Sparrow

Not card, not pocketfolds, not even transparencies. Good old earthy, natural, handmade paper.

Calligraphy wedding invitations from UK Calligrapher By Moon and Tide (5)

Photo: Jess Petrie, featured on Wedding Sparrow. Illustration by Amy Swann

I’ve been writing on specialist papers for the last couple of years. It’s kind of what I do. I really love it – paper has a life all of its own and with every new calligraphy nib comes a new adventure in textured, woven, cotton rag or hand dyed paper.


Hello lovelies! I have a treat for you today – an EXCLUSIVE saving for English Wedding Blog readers for a modern calligraphy workshop in Manchester on the 23rd of June.

I host calligraphy workshops every few weeks – this summer’s dates will be June 23rd and 11th August. We spend 2 – 3 hours on a chilled out Friday afternoon learning to write beautiful letters together, and I honestly love teaching the classes so much!

The calligraphy workshop is small and friendly, with only around a dozen places in each class. Students are always a mix of brides-to-be and their friends or mums, creative wedding industry folks, graphic designers and crafty types. Whichever of these you are, you will LOVE learning modern calligraphy – anyone can do it! Manchester is wonderfully central with students coming by train from as far as Edinburgh and Birmingham, Wales and Newcastle for the day!


elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (4)

If you would like to find wedding invitations with simple, elegant design which are perfectly on trend for 2017 – I like to think I have the answer.

These beautifully simple calligraphy invitations from By Moon & Tide are based on a handwritten original master copy, created especially for you.

They’re also wonderfully affordable and you can buy them now in the English Wedding Blog Shop!


elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (1)

Heirloom is a stunning designer monogram wedding invitation with beautiful modern lettering and your names in handwritten calligraphy. Headed with your personalised monogram in a modern and organic calligraphy style, this relaxed and ultra chic invite will really impress your guests.

From £2.55

elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (2)
elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (6)

Laurel is a chic and simple calligraphy wedding invitation featuring a hand drawn wreath with your names in pretty calligraphy. We love it and hope you do too!

From £2.25

elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (3)
elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (5)
elegant calligraphy wedding invitations from the UK in the English Wedding Shop (7)

Visit the shop to see invitations, wedding decor and accessories at


Do you have a vision for your perfect wedding invitations? Are you collecting images you love on Pinterest, but leaving it until 6 months or so before your wedding to place an order? Or do you think DIY-ing your invites will save you money? (And surely it can’t be that hard, right?)

Deliciously personal, handcrafted calligraphy wedding invites. Photo Jenny Heyworth for Aspire Photography Training (1)

I’ve been a wedding calligrapher for 12 years. I’ve made bespoke invites, launched my own collections and helped hundreds of brides and grooms find their perfect stationery. I’ve also seen thousands of invitations cross my desk from letterpress companies, high street brands and little independent wedding invitation designers.

But I’m lucky – I get to see (and make!) your stationery: I don’t have to find something for my own wedding. It’s hard – for some of you it will be way more complicated than you think. You’ll need to make compromises, scale back your expectations… or maybe be surprised when you find invitations which are less expensive than you thought they could be!

Deliciously personal, handcrafted calligraphy wedding invites. Photo Jenny Heyworth for Aspire Photography Training (2)


I’m a writer. I write for the English Wedding Blog, and when I’m not here I’m sat with a dip pen and a pot of ink, in a flurry of paper chaos, writing modern calligraphy. I love to create something beautiful, unique and enchanting. I also love to see people learn to write modern calligraphy – the joy of learning is so special to see.

Over the past few years I’ve taught dozens of brides-to-be, craft lovers, designers and wedding pros to write in beautiful modern calligraphy. I teach my workshops in Manchester, and I’m often asked if I hold workshops in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and more…

Sometime before Christmas, I’ll start teaching modern calligraphy worldwide

I’m launching an online calligraphy workshop: a set of video tutorials and accompanying worksheets which give you all the information you’ll need to learn modern lettering in the comfort of your own home.

online calligraphy workshop uk (4)


Hello, beautiful! In a few short weeks I will be heading into my favourite UK city for a little Christmas shopping… and to teach my last modern calligraphy workshop of the year. 2016 has been amazing, I’ve loved every workshop and I’d love you to join me to make this last one of the year the best workshop ever!

Online booking here

We have 15 places for crafty brides-to-be, Mums, best girls and guys to come along and learn the art of beautiful modern lettering. It’s not as hard as you’d think… but at the same time it’s one of those things where everyone needs just a little guidance to get started.

I’ll be teaching you everything about modern calligraphy: how to hold your pen, how to make gorgeous swirls and loops, and how to progress to fun practice sessions with quotes and song lyrics and more.

Would you like to come?

Modern calligraphy workshop 18th November – booking

Restless Souls calligraphy preview images by Susan Arnold Photography (3)Restless Souls calligraphy preview images by Susan Arnold Photography (5)


I can’t believe how quickly September has flown by, can you?! I’m almost thinking about Christmas… and I’m definitely excited about next week’s modern calligraphy workshop!! I’ve been getting all of our lovely kits together for students (pens, ink & nib are all included in the course fee) and can’t wait for another brilliant day teaching lovely lettering!

Calligraphy Class Catharine Noble Photography Web Copies (48)

Book online – pop over to my Etsy shop!

Anyone can learn modern calligraphy – it’s all about practice, having the right kit and a little help at first to get started. But more than that – I like to show people how to really enjoy lettering. That’s what I do when I’m not writing the English Wedding Blog and I would LOVE for you to join me next Friday afternoon (7th of October) at the fabulous Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

Calligraphy Class Catharine Noble Photography Web Copies (43)


Calligraphy workshop discount offer – for a limited time only!

We have a handful of places left and I’d like to offer a 10% discount for anyone who’d like to come along with a friend, mum or partner! Just quote UNICORN when you book your places!