Eleanor and Sebastian’s wedding knocked my socks off the first time I saw it! I’m so delighted to be able to share it with you today – they’re the loveliest couple and this really is an incredible day. Seb wears a Vivienne Westwood suit, and Eleanor a David Fielden gown – and they look amazing.

Micklefield Hall wedding (13)

Images are by the lovely Alexis Jaworski Photography:


Micklefield Hall wedding (22)

The wedding venue is spectacular: Micklefield Hall is new to the English Wedding Blog but I really hope to feature more weddings there! By way of an introduction they really don’t get much better though… enjoy!
claire gould calligrapher signatureMicklefield Hall wedding (2)
Micklefield Hall wedding (3)
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Micklefield Hall wedding (38)

Our wedding report: Eleanor and Sebastian

Wedding photographer’s website:


Were you pleased with your wedding photographer?

Yes, extremely pleased

Wedding venue:

Micklefield Hall, Sarratt.

Can you describe your wedding in a single sentence?

Glamorous, elegant and stylish set in stunning surroundings with all of our favourite people.


Morning lovelies! I’ve been so excited to show you Verity and Darren’s charmingly elegant English wedding. They were married at Gosfield Hall in the Essex countryside and really made the most of their luxury venue. The flowers are fabulous – simple pink and cream roses with a peony tucked in the middle. Verity looks amazing in a beautiful lace dress with a sash, and Darren her very handsome groom.

Gosfield Hall wedding (11)

The happy couple chose Dave Allen at Just Hitched Photography to capture their day, and he did a brilliant job! Dave says, “These two people are so lovely, the way they are together is beautiful. They both adore each other which is clear to see from the way their eyes just drift away into somewhere wonderful when they look at each other and then the smile comes. I’m so happy for Verity and Darren and I wish them all the very best for the future.

Gosfield Hall wedding (18)


I’ll never tire of the pretty sparkle of fairy lights – I’ve had mine up at English Wedding Blog HQ since Christmas and yes, I turn them on all the time! Vicky and Gavin decorated Trevor Barn with bunting and fairy lights for their vintage inspired wedding and when I saw the pictures I fell in love. Life should be this pretty all the time!

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (1)Lovely Jade Osborne Photography sent me her images of their day, from the bridal preparations to the groom’s delight (see the photos!) as he saw the yellow Robin Reliant arrive to take him to the wedding… and then on to the reception.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (2)

I’ve included more images of the ceremony than usual, simply because there’s such a charming sequence of images as Vicky arrives and Gavin’s nerves – and tears – being to show! I love the moment where he sees his beautiful bride and smiles: it’s always wonderful and to me this moment says, “so long as you’re by my side everything will be ok”.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (3)


The jury is out as to whether today’s wedding is more of an “Ewok party” or a “secret wedding in the woods” – and our beautiful bride and gorgeous groom can’t decide! What’s for sure is that this is one of the best weddings I’ve seen – and it really fits both descriptions beautifully. Weddings should be a magical adventure in every way, and Louise and Toby made theirs so much more than that – it’s just brilliant!

secret wedding in the woods (1)

Their wedding photographer is the very lovely Clare West, a documentary photographer based in Reading. She comes very highly recommended by today’s star bride and groom, and I love that she captures the details of the day so beautifully. Louise told me, “Clare took time to capture a lot of the little details and delicate touches that we had spent so long working on.” For me that’s really important! Details and special touches are the frame around the essence of your wedding: just as you’d place a cherished photo in a special frame, if you wrap your wedding in prettiness then you want to have detail photographs in your album to recreate the atmosphere of your day around those magical moments, right?


It doesn’t usually take me this long to sort through the images I’m sent for a wedding blog feature, but photographer David Stubbs sent me so many gorgeous images I was truly spoilt for choice! I know you’ll love Louise and Christopher’s wedding – they have individuality and style; they’ve created a wedding day full of ideas and which looks as amazing in the images as it must have been to be there on the day!

David Stubbs Photography wedding blog

Louise is a stunning bride in her Enzoani dress and Christopher looks fab in his Next jacket and trousers – loving those polka dots and the shades! The VW camper van is a star; there’s a gorgeous little flower girl who almost steals the show and of course (as Louise puts it!) – a bucking bronco! I’ve been kind and only included the picture of Christopher as he’s doing well on the back of it… hehe!

David Stubbs Photography wedding blog

All of the gorgeous images are by David Stubbs Photography:


David Stubbs Photography wedding blog


Morning! Today’s wedding is a little special – it’s not the first time gorgeous bride Sarah has featured on a wedding blog… in fact she’s been on the English Wedding Blog very recently! As a wedding photographer Sarah sees so many weddings – and like many in the wedding industry she chose to do things differently. Her dress was made for her, and inspired by a genuine vintage dress she’d found on Pinterest. Stuart wore jeans, which I think is the best thing ever (Sarah adds that they had to be nice jeans!) and their florist Sarah Jones came up with the vintage medical theme incorporating lots of wonderful little glass bottles with flowers!

vintage medical wedding blog (1)

There’s so much to this wedding that makes me smile: the gorgeous images and Sarah’s beautiful smile – the portrait photos of today’s lovely couple are just wonderful. Then there’s the vintage medical theme, which is genius! Stuart and Sarah had vintage medical equipment (yes!), those lovely bottles and also lots of books… and who wouldn’t enjoy sitting down at a wedding reception and dipping into 1950s books about anatomy for nurses?! Brilliant!


I adored Holly and Paul from the moment I first saw their wedding pictures on Tracy Morter‘s photography blog. They’re a creative couple who planned a gorgeous wedding with a focus on family and friends. Holly’s wedding report is amazing: this lady is as wonderfully practical as she is enthusiastic and creative – it’s an unmissable read for ideas and wedding tips. Thank you beautiful Holly, you rock!

village hall wedding blog (1)

The images, by wonderful wedding photographer Tracy Morter, are fabulous. Tracy’s photography always inspires me: she captures emotion, laughter and smiles as beautifully as she does the finer details of every wedding day. Do visit her website to find out more:


village hall wedding blog (2)

There is so much to see, I don’t know where to begin to introduce this gorgeous wedding: Holly’s beautiful flower crown, her natural hair and make up style, the lovely dress bought in New York… and then Paul’s fantastic blue suit, the incredibly decorative venue… or the laughter and smiles from the beginning of the day through to the last dance…


I love the very individual approach Becky and Graham took with their wedding. There was no dress; no theme, and the day was planned in three months. And you know what? It’s beautiful. Truly. Becky wears a gorgeous blouse and skirt; Graham’s in Converse. They styled an intimate and very personal wedding with close friends and family, and I love it. I hope you will too!

 personal wedding blog (17)

Images are all by lovely Jackie from Peony Brides www.peonybrides.com

claire gould calligrapher signature

 personal wedding blog (16)
 personal wedding blog (15)
 personal wedding blog (14)
 personal wedding blog (13)
 personal wedding blog (12)
 personal wedding blog (11) personal wedding blog (18)
 personal wedding blog (10)
 personal wedding blog (9)
 personal wedding blog (8)
 personal wedding blog (7)
 personal wedding blog (6)
 personal wedding blog (5) personal wedding blog (4) personal wedding blog (3) personal wedding blog (2)
 personal wedding blog (1)

Our wedding report: Becky and Graham

Wedding photographer’s website:

Jackie King, http://www.peonybrides.com/

Were you pleased with your wedding photographer?

We were delighted with the photos. Jackie was a pleasure to have with us on the big day – very unassuming and hard working and she delivered a beautiful collection of photographed capturing the whole experience.

Wedding venue:

Appleton Church

Can you describe your wedding in a single sentence?

A low-key country wedding with wild flowers, Italian food, close friends and family.


Eeeek! Here’s an exciting wedding for you to see – it’s in a windmill! Tuxford windmill is the last working windmill in Nottinghamshire, and had never been used as a wedding venue before. Today’s fabulous, wonderful, amazing couple Rebecca and Sam wanted to do something new, and so they chose this awesome location for their reception.

windmill wedding UK (1)

They made the very most of the windmill for their wedding reception after getting married at East Markham parish church. After the church service, the happy couple hopped on the back of a tractor and headed for their windmill – I love saying that! – for the reception…

windmill wedding UK (2)

Images are by the very lovely Shaun Taylor Photography


windmill wedding UK (3)

Sam and Rebecca used local produce including the windmill’s own products – check out the wedding favours, for example. They used beautiful bright colours to decorate a marquee by the windmill, with the loveliest bunting, mismatched vintage china plates and glorious summer flowers.


Tim and Jummy’s Kent wedding is gorgeous… they describe it as a festival of colour and it really is! The beautiful bride’s bouquet is the brightest of yellows, there are sunny accents throughout, and Jummy told me that rather than sticking to a particular colour she knew their Nigerian relatives would bring bright colours to the day so they chose to embrace that with colourful and eclectic styling!

festival wedding in Kent blog (1)

I smiled to read Jummy’s tip about the ‘magical spreadsheet’ they used to plan their day – in itself becoming a family heirloom as every engaged couple finds it invaluable! Another top tip I love this couple for is their advice to use local suppliers as much as possible. Supporting independent businesses is important, especially when it comes to weddings.  The flowers, cake and catering were just some of the highlights of a magical day.

festival wedding in Kent blog (2)

Thank you to Kent wedding photographer Richard Ware for sharing his lovely images with us all today. If you’re looking for a photographer in Kent do visit his website at:


I shared a comment from today’s bride Sam on facebook a couple of weeks ago – I absolutely couldn’t resist: I love a good love story, don’t you?! Back in 2006 Sam was travelling with a friend in New Zealand, and happened to meet Huw there. When her friend returned home, Sam told me “I decided to stay and spent three of the most amazing months of my life travelling around New Zealand with a man I had just met – I think my friends and family thought I was slightly crazy!” Luckily Huw was from England and lived only half an hour away from Sam… and they stayed together and were married a few years later.

English country wedding blog (1)

Did I mention their wedding is beeeaautiful?! Sam’s mum made her wedding dress; Sam made all of their gorgeous stationery; and – possibly the best story of all – Sam’s dad went to bead jewellery-making classes, learned how to make a headpiece and made Sam and her bridesmaids beautiful hair accessories for the big day!


The elegance of Deborah and Darren’s wedding is striking, the style exquisite. Today’s beautiful bride and handsome groom created a wedding day which was both luxurious and personal: when I read their wedding report I was blown away – they’ve provided the best list of suppliers (so any Warwickshire brides and grooms should really check this out!) – but my favourite part was this:

vintage art gallery wedding blog  (1)

“Bride’s wedding transport – Jaguar Mk II from Banbury Wedding Cars
Groom’s wedding transport – 1966 VW Split Screen Camper van (Groom’s own)”

How adorable is the face on that little camper? Hehe. Of course there’s far more to this vintage art gallery wedding than the cars – Deborah is stunningly beautiful in her Anoushka G lace back dress. The couple’s son and daughter – only 7 and 4 – were the stars of the show, playing a really important part in the ceremony and bringing tears to the eyes of wedding guests. Do read the wedding report at the end of the feature, you will love it!