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A bride and groom smile as they watch a sleight of hand trick performed by UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris

We want your wedding to be a fun-filled, joyous event from the beginning to the very end. Imagine your guests smiling all day long, even the couples who don’t know a soul. Keeping every guest entertained through the quiet, in-between bits of your day can be a challenge… but we have the solution right here!

The dream is to get all your guests talking to each other, laughing and having a brilliant time. Imagine your introverted guests, or the ones who’ve come from a long way away and don’t know anyone. Your uni mates from the other end of the country, or your school friends who’ve travelled half way around the world and have never met your work pals. Rather than hovering around the edges of the crowd, what if there was a way to get them involved, right in the centre of things… loving the experience and making friends?

As much as we love a Big Jenga, the budget-friendly wedding entertainment that is garden games isn’t going to draw a mega crowd. You need ripples of laughter, an easy talking point, someone – a nice human! – to draw in your guests and bring them together.

May we suggest, as your nice human – modern wedding magician Close-up Chris?

Wedding magician Close-Up Chris performs for a group of astonished guests at a barn wedding

Do NOT close this tab. Wedding magicians are BETTER than you think these days. The good ones – and Chris is absolutely one of the leading lights in wedding entertainment – the good ones will gather your guests around and have them chuckling (at each other’s reactions, most of all!) in such a natural way. There’ll be no awkwardness – Chris himself is well aware that a wedding magician’s role is to help your guests overcome any awkwardness that’s already there! (Because, wedding, small talk and not knowing anyone – you know?)

Fascination on the faces of wedding guests with Close-Up Chris aka UK wedding magician Chris Peskett

Chris’s blog has so much personality you’ll feel as though you’ve made a friend just by reading it! He describes wedding magicians as “creating an experience for your guests that intensifies the joy of the wedding. It’s about delivering opportunities that encourage people to talk, feel good, and ramp up the vibe…

It’s a subtle icebreaker that brings strangers together in a way that feels effortless and natural. With magic as a shared experience and a common talking point, everyone has a topic they can bounce off.

If there’s a ‘gap’ in your wedding day – and most often, that’s during the afternoon when you’ve done your group photos and you’re waiting for the meal and speeches – Close-Up Chris will keep your guests smiling. He’ll mingle, he’ll entertain and he’ll bring everyone together. That’s the real magic, we think!

Astonished bride, groom and wedding guest watching UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris performing a card trick

“There’s something magnetic and transformative in the power of a shared experience… Magic has this beautiful ability to get strangers talking and laughing together – and it’s an atmosphere so contagious, it spreads.

Other guests want to get involved and the vibe rises as more and more people discover the tricks that got other people laughing.” ~ Close-Up Chris

An astonished bride covers her mouth with her hand watching UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris

I could go on… but I really want you to discover Chris’s talents for yourselves now! I thoroughly recommend grabbing a cuppa and reading 5 wedding magician myth busters (because yep, I learned stuff!)

If you need to convince your other half that a wedding magician is a genius idea, then share Close-Up Chris’s ‘Guests that I meet at every wedding‘ – it’s so funny you’ll be shouting out your mates’ names as you read it!

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Amazement on the faces of a bride and groom with their guests watching the performance of UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris

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