I have to confess I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about vintage – or what high street stores are calling vintage these days. Here’s the thing: you can’t buy anything vintage in Bhs, or in M&S, or Debenhams. Vintage comes from thrift stores, antique shops, charity shops and car boot sales… and so styling your wedding takes a little more care if you’re looking for “true vintage” appeal.

Berkeley Castle Shoot Albert Palmer PHotography743135-4

Image credit: Albert Palmer Photography from a styled shoot on the English Wedding Blog. See the full shoot here: magical Highland inspired shoot


1. If you haven’t done it on the day, or you’ve forgotten something, it probably wasn’t that important and so don’t spend your day worrying about it. Make sure you benefit from all of your hard work!

~ Katherine & Ben

2. Be philosophical about the details, as much as every detail may have seemed important in the planning, in the grand scheme of the day you will get caught up in the moment and things will inevitably be overlooked. If there are details that really matter to you both, entrust them to someone else, don’t try to do them yourself on the day.


The last thing I want to do is suggest anyone fall in with the crowd and style their wedding for this year’s fashions. And yet… there’s a wonderful appeal to creating something new for your wedding, something your friends and family didn’t see at last year’s weddings, right?

I don’t follow trends in fashion; but what I see online does influence my tastes. I love messy foliage, tumbledowny style and design, upcycling and art. They impact on my home life, my calligraphy studio, the things I buy.