Couples are rewriting the script on what it means to say “I do”

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With extracts and images from a publication by wedding decor specialist Ginger Ray

Based on internet searches, elopements are still really popular with UK couples. I’m thrilled that this ‘trend’ continues: it’s a gorgeous and creative way to begin your marriage with a big adventure!

According to a survey by Ginger Ray:

A third of British couples (32%) highlighted financial reasons for eloping
77% of those planning to elope are opting to tie the knot within the UK, not abroad
Wales ranked as the top choice for a UK elopement

To find out what has motivated this trend, wedding decoration experts at Ginger Ray have conducted a survey of those engaged and in the midst of planning an elopement to see what their special day will look like.

Why are elopements becoming more popular?

More than a third (32%) of respondents said they were opting for an intimate celebration for financial reasons.

Equally (almost!),  31% of couples said they wanted to incorporate adventure and exploration into their I dos! There’s a growing interest in unconventional travel among modern couples, and we think that’s a wonderful thing.

30% of those asked said their desire for intimacy and privacy led them to create a wedding experience tailored to their personal connections.

And quite possibly the best of all answers: 28% of respondents were choosing elopements purely to deviate from customary norms and expectations.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 29% of couples are choosing elopements purely for the aesthetics with couples preferring the type of content that you could take during this sort of wedding. Do it for the ‘gram!

The survey looked specifically at generational differences and found:

  • Gen Z said cost and unique content were most important
  • Millennials were drawn to adventure and travel
  • Gen X prioritised non-traditional ceremonies

Traditionally, eloping conjured up images of couples fleeing to exotic destinations to exchange vows in secret.

Ginger Ray’s survey showed 77% of Brits are getting married in the picturesque landscapes of the UK, rather than venturing abroad.

When it comes to locations for UK elopments, Wales emerged as the top choice, followed closely by the bustling capital of London and then the picturesque landscapes of Scotland.

Northern Ireland and the serene beauty of the Lake District and Cornwall were also really popular destinations.

As for venue preferences, hotels (28%) emerged as the frontrunner, possibly owing to the convenience of hosting both the ceremony and reception under one roof. Town halls closely followed with 27% of couples considering this option, followed in third by the beach, favoured by more outdoorsy and optimistic pairs.

Top five venues for elopements

Hotel 28%
Town hall 27%
Beach 26%
Garden 24%
Registry office 23%

Ginger Ray have created their very own elopement packages with everything they think couples might need to decorate their elopement venue. With rustic and classic styles, there is a theme for every intimate wedding.

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