So many of the words in this blog struck home for me. The concept of feeling safe with your wedding photographer; of being self-aware and comfortable in your skin – it’s just not something the mainstream wedding media really talk about.

But it’s mega important. There’s a sense that people change when they’re planning a wedding – that life’s all about excitement and trends and suddenly, Pinterest is everything. That really doesn’t have to be true! Today’s blog is all about being YOU – and our wonderful friend Ross Willsher Photography is with some tips to help you navigate the wedding world, just as you are. 

There’s something wonderfully free-spirited about the coast, and I’ve always been a sucker for a coastal inspired wedding or photoshoot. This is my new favourite. A lovely collaboration between one of my favourite wedding photographers Ross Willsher, and Emma at Pretty Faces Makeup.

We feel it’s important to say that weddings are for everyone, and the media should reflect far, far more diversity in its representation of weddings!

Here’s a small step – I would love for it to be the first of many – with Karen as our beautiful bride and a super team of Essex / Suffolk wedding creatives!

Writing a wedding website means it’s second nature to me to question everything about weddings! But a lovely email from my friend Ross Willsher Photography got me thinking today.

If you’re new to the wedding world – say, for example, you’ve just got engaged – it can all be pretty confusing, especially when it comes to rules, regulations and traditions.


After a little while, you’ll realise many of the things you see at every wedding are optional. For example:

  • wedding rings
  • speeches
  • cutting the cake
  • a first dance
  • changing your name(s)

There are a handful of incredibly special folks in weddings right now who inspire me to be better, and whose every word has me hooked. Essex wedding photographer Ross Willsher Photography is one of them. Grab a cuppa and take your time to read this heartwarming and heartfelt advice from lovely Ross.

Have you ever planned or attended a themed party?

English Wedding Directory member Ross Willsher is a professional photographer based in Essex. His book, “How to have a wedding as individual as you are” is brilliant, inspiring, down to earth, reassuring and beautifully written. So many of us – me included – get a little nervous in front of the camera. While I’d worry about my chin (both my chins) and my tummy, the way I was standing, how to get my hair to stay in the right place, and what to wear, I know in my heart that being happy and confident makes for the best and most beautiful images. But confidence is probably the hardest thing to have! You can’t pluck it out of the sky, and it’s way harder to fix nerves than flyaway blue hair…