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Happy Monday, lovely people! We have something rather special to share with you today – a fantastic idea to brighten up any wedding ‘lull’ and bring astonished grins to your guests’ faces!

The Close-Up Corner is a unique idea from wedding magician Close-Up Chris – one of the best-reviewed wedding magicians in the UK. The concept is brilliant: a focal point for your guests so they can choose to check out the entertainment, and a camera to capture their reactions!

Think of the Close-Up Corner as a photobooth-style area with amazing magic, plus a video of your guests’ reactions for you to keep!


Last week we shared wedding planning advice for introverted couples, where lovely Ross Willsher suggested having some form of wedding entertainment. Imagine: if you’re a shy couple and anxious about being the centre of attention all day long, the Close-Up Corner could be the perfect way to keep your guests occupied, interested and happy!

Bridesmaids watch and clap the performance of UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris


“The format that I offer for weddings a little different to any other wedding magician. It’s called the Close-Up Corner. A focal point that guests can interact with on their own terms.” – Close-Up Chris

I read some lovely advice from Glorious by Heidi on the Your Individual Wedding instagram over the weekend, with suggestions to make your wedding more autism-friendly. She suggested creating “a ‘no pressure’ environment for your guests with Autism. If they don’t want to be involved in games or group photos, make sure they know that that’s okay”.

For neurodivergent couples or for guests with specific needs, having a quieter form of wedding entertainment which is set off to one side (ie, the Close-Up Corner) means they can choose to go and have a look on their own terms – in contrast to a roaming magician who could approach at any time. The thoughtfulness and consideration behind Chris’s Close-Up Corner says a lot about his outlook on weddings, his understanding of people, and his commitment to providing a happy and enjoyable wedding experience!


A bride and groom smile as they watch a sleight of hand trick performed by UK wedding magician Close-Up Chris

Over to Chris to explain a little more

“I have both a lite and full set-up which also includes the option of the Reaction Cam where we capture all the amazing reactions of the guests and provide a professionally edited montage.”

Wedding magician Close-Up Chris performs for a group of astonished guests at a barn weddingTypically, guests arrive at an event, grab a drink and sit down at a table and then what? They wait for something to happen…but guess what? Nothing happens!

Your guests need an excuse to get out of their chairs and become active at your event. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the Close-Up Corner experience (but what a great idea!), it could be a photo booth, cocktail making, interactive games etc.

There’s a much better dynamic in a room when people are mingling with other guests – sparking conversations – creating memories!

Find out more: https://www.closeupchris.co.uk/the-closeup-corner/


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