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Eco Styled shoot captured by Sarah Hoyle Photography

Are you thinking of having a vegan wedding? Perhaps you’ve been invited to one, and you’re wondering what it’s all about. We’ll explain what a vegan wedding is, what to expect – and how you can plan one!

There’s a lack of awareness in the wedding industry, of what a vegan wedding might be.

There’s also a kind of nervousness from non-vegans, about attending a vegan wedding. Will it be weird? Will I have to eat raw vegetables all day? Can I have a drink? The answers are, in order, no, no – and YES of course you can!

Eco Styled shoot captured by Sarah Hoyle Photography

Eco Styled shoot captured by Sarah Hoyle Photography

Vegan weddings – a foodie treat

Vegan catering is often far more interesting than the alternative! Vegan chefs and catering companies can have super creative menus, playing with flavour and ingredients.

Consider Indian or Eastern menus for your day – they’re packed with flavour and colour. If you can find a local food truck / vegan vendor, go for festival-style catering and a wonderful, relaxed vibe to your day!

Vegan weddings – the wider picture

Choose your venue carefully. A farm venue may not be appropriate; even arable farmland is a huge user of pesticides. If you’re considering a country house wedding venue, is it used for hunting or shooting? Do the owners own land where fox hunting or deer stalking is permitted? (It’s worth looking into ownership and other interests sometimes.)

Manor by the Lake is one of our fave venues catering for vegan weddings – not every reception is vegan, but they cater beautifully if yours will be!

Look for a purpose built wedding venue, a boutique hotel or even an animal sanctuary as suggested here!

“Make your wedding day as unique as you are. Mix and match wedding traditions and formalities and create the wedding YOU both want. Don’t be influenced by family or friends that suggest you do this and that. Create the wedding day you want because after all it is YOUR wedding day.” ~ Sian Bowron, vegan wedding planner at Amethyst Weddings

Eco Styled shoot captured by Sarah Hoyle Photography

Eco Styled shoot captured by Sarah Hoyle Photography

Your wedding outfits

Suits are often made with wool, and hired suits from high street chains are cleaned with chemicals which may not be vegan friendly. Consider wearing alternative wedding attire, or searching for vegan menswear online. If that means a more casual look, embrace it! You can tart up your outfit with a colourful bowtie and a floral buttonhole.

Dresses and separates have more options – there are wedding dress designers who use peace silks and other materials. At the top of the scale is Sanyukta Shrestha. Also consider a vintage wedding dress; or a beautiful floaty floral cotton summer dress for your wedding.

Accessories are a little easier, with vegan friendly shoes, jewellery, hair accessories and ties widely available these days.

More outfit advice for your vegan wedding here.


Avoid candles with animal fats, or non vegan-friendly production methods. (Small, independent candle makers are a reliable alternative, but do check your candles are safe and conform to all safety regulations.)

If you’re working with a wedding planner or stylist, ask them about the smaller details like candles. To be absolutely sure, find a vegan wedding planner like Sian at Amethyst Weddings, who will be able to advise on all aspects of your wedding design and styling.


The more prescriptive you are about your wedding flowers, the harder it will be to ensure they’re vegan-friendly. Organic, locally-grown blooms are your best bet, but from the grower-florist’s point of view it will be harder to guarantee specific types of flowers for your date.

So have an open mind; choose a grower whose attitude you love, and let them choose your florals. You can give an idea of colour; but a ‘summer’ colour palette and a few ideas of your favourite flowers – nothing more – adds excitement into the equation.

Flowers grown using pesticides are a no-no for a vegan wedding. Likewise, monocultures aren’t helpful to pollinators, so avoid large-scale flower farms. Small, local and independent is perfect!

Alternatively, grow your wedding flowers at home! Use peat-free compost, avoid pesticides and embrace what’s ready in your garden on the day of your wedding!


There are plenty of vegan wines and beers for you to choose from – a vegan wedding can include alcohol! If in doubt, ask! The winemaker or brewery will be able to tell you if their ingredients are vegan – and most importantly, how your drinks are filtered. (Some beers use isinglass in production, which makes them non-vegan friendly.)

Provide for guests who don’t drink alcohol with colourful and tasty mocktails in summer; alcohol free vegan wines and beers all year round, and vegan hot chocolate stations and mulled wines in the colder months. (More tips on an alcohol-free vegan wedding here!)

A wedding place setting on a wooden table. A plate with a knotted napkin and place name card, with a brown glass bottle and smoky brown wine glass. Photographer credit Sarah Hoyle, styling by Amethyst Weddings

Styling: Amethyst Weddings | Photography: Sarah Hoyle Photography | Stationery: Ellie and Liv


Most areas of the UK will have a vegan wedding cake company – there are some amazing independent cake businesses out there. Look for an experienced wedding cake maker like The Hazlebury Kitchen for a cake no one will even know is vegan! (And why would you!)


Check with your hair and make up people (if you’re booking someone) that they only use vegan and cruelty-free products. There are plenty out there.


Vegan wedding favours are fun, quirky and easy to find! Discover your perfect vegan wedding favours with Amethyst Weddings!

Tips for planning a vegan wedding

  1. The message: Decide whether you’ll have a vegan wedding quietly (no need to announce it to your guests) or proudly (you’re showing everyone how amazing vegan can be!). If it’s the latter, communicate that message loud and clear from the start! If it’s the former, you can still have a fabulous vegan wedding without all the questions from your relatives which might become a tad annoying!
  2. Stick to your guns: you’re most likely having a vegan wedding because that’s your lifestyle. You believe in caring for animals and the planet, and it really, really matters to you. So don’t be swayed by well-meaning advice from anyone who wants you to do otherwise, whether they’re your suppliers or your loved ones. You CAN have a vegan wedding, and you’ll work out how that will work for the two of you. You got this.
  3. Focus on the love: as with any wedding, when things get tough and planning is challenging, remember why you’re doing this.
  4. For guests: the key to any memorable, joyful wedding is happy guests. Fill their tummies, make them chuckle and ensure they feel loved. Communicate all the whats, wheres and whens of your day, so everyone is comfortable. And choose your guests: invite people you hug, who make you feel happy! (Check out Maša and Michael’s vegan wedding for tips!) There’s never any need to spend your wedding day with guests you hardly know.
  5. Help animals on your wedding day! World of Vegan has some lovely little extras you can add into your celebrations, like charity gifting and signage with vegan messaging for your guests!
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