The importance of capturing emotion on your wedding day

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One of the best bits of advice I could ever give to couples, is to think twenty years into the future.

Right now, today, picture yourselves together in twenty years time. What will you remember of your wedding? Perhaps there’ll be family members who aren’t around any more. Perhaps your memories of the day will be fading a little…

In twenty years time when you pick up your wedding album, you’ll be hoping to relive your wedding day through the images you see in there. And the most precious photographs of your day will be the ones where you can see people’s characters and personalities.

That’s auntie Marjorie smiling fondly at her little nephew. Or your mother in law beaming proudly at you both. Perhaps your dad belly laughing at the speeches, or your wife’s niece looking in amazement at the size of your wedding cake.

Those photos will make you smile. They’ll make you cry. And they’ll make you remember your wedding day, as if it were yesterday.

That’s the beauty of capturing emotion on your wedding day – and this blog post is one which came to mind after looking at Tom Hodgson‘s wedding photography website. Tom is a Peak District wedding photographer who loves to capture the emotion of a wedding day – because he knows how important this will be long after your celebrations have passed.

Capturing the emotion is all about giving you both something to remember how your wedding day felt. How it looks becomes less important as the years go by!

“I want to capture everything that’s important in your wedding, and to me that’s the emotion… the moments that happen between people whether they are full of energy and laughter or more calm and even sombre moments. It’s important to be able to give a true reflection of your day and the feeling that comes from both of you and your guests rather than trying to engineer a moment, thankfully years of experience have helped me develop an ability to spot these moments unfold.” ~ wedding photographer Tom Hodgson

“the true value of a photo happens when the moment has gone” ~ Tom Hodgson, Peak District wedding photographer


“Tom was amazing. He captured all of the emotion of our special day.” ~ Tom & Phillipa

Tom Hodgson is a member of English Wedding

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