Tips for Hosting a Perfect New Year’s Wedding

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If you’re planning to make your wedding celebrations stand out from the rest, the time of year you decide to have a wedding could actually make the event much more significant. In fact, only 3% of weddings are held in December, and only 1% in January, according to the Knot.

Here, we will explore some things you might want to consider when hosting a New Year’s wedding.

Consider an intimate wedding

The festive period can often be a busy one, with many people making plans early to celebrate with their friends and family. While your wedding will certainly add to the seasonal celebrations, busy schedules mean it’s a good idea to invite people early to allow for travel and overnight arrangements to be made, and so they don’t plan other celebration events which inevitably will need to be cancelled.

Also, don’t feel pressured to spend this time with as many people as possible. Enter the new year surrounded by the best in your life. As it is a winter wedding, being cosy and comfortable should be at the forefront, so making this an intimate event will work in your favour. 

Choose a rural wedding venue

Any time of the year, the wedding venue you choose is crucial – and this is even more so for new year’s weddings. It might be wise to avoid urban areas during this time as many cities tend to have pre-planned New Year’s Eve events. These areas will be busier than usual, and the increased traffic could cause congestion on your wedding day. Instead consider more remote options, such as wedding venues in the lake district, which will be free from the heavy footfall of city locations.

Make sure you plan early too. Many hotels might host their own New Year’s events, so finding a venue early is crucial for making sure it isn’t already booked out. This applies to hotels too, both for the night before and after. Your guests won’t want to be stranded due to the festive season. Making sure you plan earlier than usual for a wedding around the new year can mean you and your wedding guests are prepared for the day and don’t experience any disruption.

Grand Exit

Add to the fun by having a grand exit. It is the New Year, use it to your advantage. Why not count down to the New Year with your wedding guests before leaving? Then you can go into the New Year in the arms of your new spouse.

Find a way for your guests to feel they got to celebrate not only your wedding but also the new year as well. Sparklers could be a great way to do this, and sparkler send-offs are a lovely modern wedding tradition!

Go all out with a New Year’s wedding Theme

Tying in the theme of the new year could enhance your big day. Slip into the glitz and glam of the day with colours such as black, gold, and silver. This is a truly glamorous time meant to be celebrated.

You might even consider time-themed food and drinks – how about some signature cocktails or table names dedicated to significant times in your relationship, whether this be the year you met, the year of the wedding, and the coming year.

A New Year’s wedding could be an amazing chance to walk into the new year as newlyweds and spend time celebrating with your family and friends. Whether you’re celebrating with time in mind or closing the evening with a countdown and sparkler send-off, you can incorporate the big event into your day. Start the new year off full of love and celebration as you start your new life together!


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