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Not many wines have ‘Protector of Oceans’ in their strapline. When Sea Change got in touch to tell us about their eco-conscious wines, we had to sit up and listen. Even small steps towards sustainability can make a big difference to the impact of weddings on our planet. This is one you can do!

If you’re planning a wedding at home, in an eco-friendly wedding venue or with private caterers – anywhere you can choose your drinks – Sea Change wines are for you. Even if you’re marrying at a traditional venue with their own wine selection, we’d love for you to ask them about Sea Change wines – because all of you lovely couples out there can make a difference just by asking the right questions to your venues!

Discover the most delicious selection of eco-friendly wines and fizz that have the added benefit of being kind to the oceans and all the wildlife that live in them.  

Sea Change has a wonderful collection of quality still and sparkling wines, available to purchase by the case.  You can even treat your guests to beautifully designed single serve cans of Italian Semi Sparking Veneto Fizz, made from the same grape as Sea Change Prosecco, served in a vintage ice bucket they will make a quirky feature at any wedding. There’s even an alcohol-free wine in the collection, which is something that makes us extra happy here at English Wedding! 

Arranging a wedding can be overwhelming as well as exciting, and with all the different things that make up the endless list, it’s not easy to have an environmentally friendly wedding.  In fact, one estimate placed the CO2 emissions at 14.2 tons per average wedding* and another cited the plastic waste of all the weddings in an average year to be equivalent to the weight of 47 blue whales**! 

This is why Sea Change is a really special choice; not only is it delicious, so your guests are sure to be impressed, but it has a conscience and believes that wine is one of life’s pleasures to be enjoyed, responsibly of course, without worrying about adding pollutants to the oceans and their wildlife.

From Prosecco, both white and Rosé, to stunning Provencal Rosé and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or organic red Bobal and Chardonnay from Spain, your guests will be treated to the finest quality wines. 

All the wines are ethically sourced in Italy, France, Spain, New Zealand and Germany, and every single bottle or can sold helps charities that are dedicated to making the world’s oceans healthier places for all the wildlife that live in them.

Sea Change is committed to helping marine conservation with a donation from every bottle sold made to their charity partners including Ocean Generation and Sea Changers, with over €250,000 donated to date

The Sea Change wine collection is available to buy online at Free delivery is available for orders over £100.     

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