Sustainably beautiful boho wedding decorations from UgandaMade

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Sustainable weddings were the buzz word for 2020. It’s something I’m really keen to push on English Wedding – and with a genuine passion for the reasons behind sustainability as a wedding theme. I watched as ‘vintage’ went from a love of heirloom and upcycled styling touches to something you could grab at Debenhams. I will literally cry if the same happens for sustainability. This needs to be a genuine ethos behind weddings, and not just a ‘look’ you can buy anywhere. As such, I would love to introduce you all to UgandaMade on Etsy, who make fabulous hand woven, sustainable wedding bunting, perfect for festival and woodland celebrations!

Are you considering a wedding with an eco-friendly focus? 

Well, you can be kind to the earth and still have the perfect day. 

UgandaMade produces beautiful, biodegradable wedding decorations, which are made from sustainably sourced materials and hand made by our lovely group of talented weavers (including our packaging!). A story of passion, impact, and care has been at the heart of each product design and the development process, initiated by UgandaMade founder, Jenny Farmer, hand in hand with our local ladies.

At UgandaMade, we pride ourselves on our promise to the environment and community of Bubugo, Uganda; to provide sustainable incomes for rural women living on the Nile riverbank and to protect the surrounding environment.

UgandaMade products:

The bunting is woven by hand from palm leaves and are perfect decorations for weddings with an ethical and eco-friendly focus. Because they’re handmade, they can be produced with a range of colours and lengths based on the wedding colour scheme and venue space from natural no dye, vegan options to bright, vibrant colour schemes. 

The women also make heart shape table decorations and biodegradable confetti, cut from strips of the skin of banana tree stems. Every piece is unique in colour and shading due to natural variation. Confetti can be ordered individually wrapped in banana fibre packets for each guest, or loose in varying quantities as requested. The larger hearts are perfect to scatter over tables or can be used as nametags at the dining table.

Our objective is to provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable source of income to our community via the women in the household, giving them more power over how home finances are sourced and spent. Having received training on quality control, our women can work on the UgandaMade products at home, fitting their work in amongst their busy daily life of cooking, caring for children, cleaning, fetching water and collecting firewood (amongst many other tasks!) As a result of their UgandaMade income, they are able to help support their families, enabling them to pay school fees and access medical care that would otherwise be unaffordable. In addition to this, the women also have a close-knit saving circle, into which they can safely save money over the year. They all have great ambitions for their savings, ranging from setting up new businesses to purchasing livestock!

Whilst supporting the UgandaMade women through direct payment for the products, we also re-invest a proportion of profits from UgandaMade sales into Bubugo Conservation Trust; an organisation working for positive social and environmental outcomes along the Nile riverbank where our UgandaMade women live. 

So, why not take a look at our natural products in our Etsy shop and find the perfect décor style to suit you: 

Or please contact us via email ( for any custom orders! 

Follow us on Instagram ( and Facebook for updates on new products and offers from UgandaMade as well as our project initiatives with the Bubugo Conservation Trust!  

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