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Today’s feature is for all of you looking for a beautiful engagement ring – and we’re talking about stones which are sparklier and rarer than diamonds, ethical and sustainable, and about 90% more affordable. How amazing does that sound?

We’re talking moissanite – or moissy, as it’s affectionately known by some! If you’re not familiar with moissanite, I’m thrilled to be introducing you to it here on English Wedding, and I hope I can win your hearts with this beautiful, ethical diamond alternative today! Moissanite engagement rings are the future – and I want you to fall in love with them.

Let’s get over diamonds first. Our parents’ generation had little choice – a diamond was a diamond, the most precious gemstone of its time, the sparkliest stone you could get, and the only alternative was a coloured gemstone. Diamonds were mined, and their origins fell somewhere between bearable and intolerable, with awareness of conflict diamonds coming as late as the millennium. Diamonds may be certified conflict-free these days, but they’re still mined by workers whose pay could never afford them a diamond ring of their own. Thought-provoking, hey?

Happily, once we’re past the (princessy?) idealism of “it has to be a diamond” – there are ethical, beautiful alternatives now. Sparklier and more affordable than diamonds, moissanite was originally discovered in a meteor crater in Arizona (it’s from space! How amazing is that?!) and is exceptionally rare in nature. Now lab grown, only expert jewellers can tell the difference between moissanite and diamonds: normal humans will never know your ‘diamond’ engagement ring is moissanite unless you tell them!

Lily Arkwright are UK designers of moissanite engagement rings. They’re English Wedding Directory members, and I’m delighted to be able to share their expertise on moissanite vs diamonds with you here today.

So why should you consider a moissanite engagement ring?

Moissanite engagement rings are cheaper than diamonds

The vast majority of high street engagement rings are diamond set solitaires and range in price between £2,250 – £16,000 depending upon the colour, cut and clarity. Lily Arkwright retails a huge collection of rings between £400 – £1,000 offering huge savings compared to high street jewellers.

Amazing choice and brilliant value for money!

At Lily Arkwright we really respect people’s choice and offer a huge collection of precious gemstones engagement rings including moissanite. Our moissanite rings are typically 90% cheaper than an equivalent diamond engagement ring.

View our moissanite collection here: https://lilyarkwright.com/collections/shop-all-moissanite-jewellery-collection

What is moissanite?

Moissanite precious stones are a brilliant alternative to diamonds; moissanite is a naturally occurring gemstone and is actually rarer than diamonds.

Nearly all moissanite today is lab grown; the laboratory recreates the natural pressures and conditions required for moissanite to grow naturally. This creates a physically identical gemstone to the naturally occurring mineral, lab grown, sustainable and ethically produced.

Lily Arkwright engagement rings use premium Charles & Colvard, Forever One moissanite. Charles & Colvard are the world’s leading moissanite supplier, whose lab grown gemstones lead the way in quality, with years of experience and development behind their outstanding product.

You can find out all about moissanite vs diamonds here.

Can you tell the difference between a moissanite ring and a diamond?

The visual difference between moissanite and diamonds is extremely difficult to discern unless you’re a practiced jeweller – in terms of that special sparkle, moissanite is just as worthy of gracing your engagement ring as diamonds.

Sustainable, ethical engagement rings – for love of our planet!

All the moissanite Lily Arkwright use in their jewellery is lab grown, which means no negative environmental impact or mining practices that is often associated with mined diamonds.

The impact of moissanite makes an enormous difference to people’s lives: they’re lab grown, so no one is working in a mine to source them; we’re not plundering the earth to find them, or having to trace every step of their origins for reassurance they’re not conflict diamonds

“We urge all our customers to consider a moissanite engagement ring. Opting for a moissanite set ring really allows you to choose a larger comparable diamond carat and colour variant at a fraction of the cost of a conventional mined diamond.

Certification and British craftsmanship

Lily Arkwright design, manufacture and produce refined moissanite engagement rings at an affordable price. They only use the highest quality materials and British craftsmanship to create sustainable moissanite rings.

Lily Arkwright are proud Assay Assured jewellery retails and members of the National Association of Jewellers providing customers with the ultimate reassurance. Their lab diamonds are the world’s best, fully certified to international standards.

Bespoke engagement rings from Lily Arkwright

We offer a bespoke ring design service and can customise all our rings, you will receive one to one exceptional support from the conception of your design to delivery.

We provide no obligation free quotations on all our bespoke rings and you can send across any ideas and inspiration to our team who are always on hand to discuss your requirements.

View Lily Arkwright’s bespoke service here: https://lilyarkwright.com/pages/bespoke-ring-service

Based in Didsbury, Manchester

In addition we have recently opened our showroom based in the heart of Didsbury Village, South Manchester and accept consultations, both in person, online and over the telephone.

Our jewellery consultation team is on hand to help and assist wherever possible. Booking a consultation is easy and can be done by either calling our jewellery consultation team on 0161 537 6773 or dropping us an email at hello@lilyarkwright.com

Buy online

If you buy online you’ll be treated to free UK and EU delivery, free UK returns and a 30 day returns policy.

Lily Arkwright have excellent 5 star google and social reviews – and many happy customers wearing their beautiful engagement rings! Prices are lower than on the high street thanks to Lily Arkwright’s lab grown moissanite, diamonds and gemstones – and also include 30 day complimentary free ring sizing, and free engraving. Buy online and choose 0% interest available via Lily Arkwright’s global partners PayPal and Klarna.


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