The BIGGEST regret after your wedding will be… your wedding video

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A guest article by Lancashire wedding videographer Love Gets Sweeter

It’s true that the biggest regret of newlyweds is NOT having a wedding video. (According to Bridebook 75% of couples go on to regret it)!

Not investing in a professional wedding videographer is the no.1 regret of so many couples, but why?

So yes, I (Charlene) am a wedding videographer and this may seem like a totally biased post so let me share my personal experience too.

We nearly didn’t have a wedding video. We were weeks away and I was getting ever so nervous that we would go on to regret not having our very own wedding video.

My husband, like a lot of us, was very anti wedding video. His comparison was it being similar to a Peter Andre ITV2 documentary having cameras follow us around and annoying all the guests.

For me it was genuinely hating hearing and seeing myself on screen. I hate my voice! BUT, having seen the value in old home movies I hoped I could essentially get over myself so we could have our very own home movie!

Long story short, I managed to persuade him and we had some video guys I knew in the corporate world film it and I edited it. I LOVE my films, despite in hindsight wishing we’d captured things like the morning I definitely passed those regrets on to my future couples when I did start making wedding videos for others!

Did it feel like an ITV 2 reality doc..? Nope.

Did I hate watching myself back? Hmmm…at first I did! But 10 years on, I massively regret not putting my voice on there and I LOVE sharing it with our daughter.

Our wedding video’s true value will only grow as the years go on.

So WHY do 75% of couples NOT book a wedding videographer?


Thinking they won’t watch their wedding video.

Fear of being filmed.

I think sometimes even a bit of all of those. But if you only realise near your wedding date that you want a video or may go on to regret not having one, it really can cause a few challenges with the wedding budget!

What about getting over ‘the fear’?

Is that even possible?
Getting over a fear of being filmed in time for your wedding day?

If, like me, you hate the idea of being filmed, hate the idea of having cameras follow you round and certainly hate the idea of watching yourself back how would you ever get over that enough to go on to have your wedding day filmed?

Why is it after the wedding day so many couples go on to regret not having a wedding video, despite not wanting to watch themselves back?

For the camera shy, even after the day they soon realise it’s much more than seeing themselves on the big (or small) screen. It’s more than the two of them…

  • It’s about the feel of the day
  • The nerves
  • The emotions
  • The connections
  • The love, the laughter and seeing all the bits you didn’t get to soak up on the day
  • Seeing past you saying your vows during the wedding ceremony and everyone else’s tears and smiles in the crowd
  • Seeing your best friend fighting back the tears as she sees you in your dress for the first time
  • Or maybe your Nan smiling up at you proudly
  • Or your Dad giving your Mum’s hand a squeeze as she watches you getting married

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There are so many moments that happen on a wedding day that even as a videographer I couldn’t predict what we’ll capture. But, we can read people well thanks to our experience of filming so many north west UK wedding videos and that’s what you’re investing in…

The fear of having a videographer film you on your wedding day can be very real but the fact of not being able to relive your wedding day again is also very real.

Wedding Videographer Regrets – The Fear Is Real!

So, how can you get over ‘the fear’ before it’s too late and you become the friend telling someone you regret not getting a wedding videographer to film your day?

Well you may be excited to hear I (Charlene) wrote a little FREE guide just for you! Because I have that experience of almost not having a wedding video, and because I’ve gone on to film so many weddings across Liverpool and Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria with Love Gets Sweeter, I have so much advice I want to share!

For the camera shy, the folks who feel really uncomfortable about the idea of being filmed or if you’re not sure it’s for you – it’s certainly worth a read.

This FREE guide is for the couple who would love to relive their wedding day and not have to worry about whether they look comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t even have to be in the north west UK – the wedding videography guide is for everyone.

If you’d love my Top 5 tips on how to get over the fear of being filmed for your wedding video see below!

This is something I wrote to help you see it’s about more than just the two of you (in the best possible way!) and to find ways to help your wedding video experience go from scary to totally relaxed and maybe even enjoyable!

If you’d like to have a read then all you need to do is sign up below and you’ll get a special link to download yourself a copy of my FREE guide ‘Wedding Video Fears – Get Over Your Fear Of Being Filmed

I do hope you find it super helpful and it helps you work out if having a wedding video is for you!

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Charlene McNabb · July 9, 2019 at 2:14 pm

Thank you so much for sharing Claire! I hope your readers find this a little helpful and insightful. I always worried I’d regret not having a wedding video so I’m glad I finally persuaded my husband just before the day!

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