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Hello again and it’s lovely to be with you today, particularly as I’m talking about treats and surprises for your wedding day. When you’ve spent months planning every detail of your big day, it’s absolutely wonderful to give a little unexpected gift to your partner on the morning of your wedding. There’s something very special about receiving a meaningful and heartfelt present just before you take your vows and from my perspective as a photographer, I love capturing the moment when these gifts are opened. So, if you’re wondering what gifts to give, here are a few ideas for you (and for your partner!).

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Gifts that can be worn on the wedding day itself are always, and quite rightly, very popular. For brides, a beautiful ‘something new’ is always going to make them smile. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are lovely gifts that can be worn long after the wedding day as a gorgeous memento. Similarly, cufflinks make a fab groom’s gift, particularly designer brands or personalised designs that give your wedding date and details. Take a look at Not On The High Street for ideas here.

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Gifts for husbands morning of wedding, image by Amanda Karen Photography (7)

Luxury gifts are also a good idea, especially if your partner has been lusting after something that they’ve not bought for themselves. Designer shoes, handbags or any luxe item that you know your partner will love will definitely make you even more popular! If you’re not sure on sizing or styles, talk to a friend who might have been out shopping with your partner or ask a few leading questions to find out what’s on their wish-list.

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I know I might be biased here but I do think that photographs make fantastic gifts. How about gifting your partner a framed photo from your engagement shoot or creating a collage of images from your time together? After all, your wedding day is just part of your journey so it’s the perfect time to remind your partner of all the brilliant times that you’ve shared so far.

Another superb gift is personalised artwork. You could commission a cool painting of you both or your wedding venue or you could opt for an eye-catching papercut of your wedding venue that include your names and wedding date. These pieces from Paper Petal make truly unique and individual gifts.

Some of the best gifts are those that really mean something to your partner. For example, if your partner is a football fan, lots of clubs will send signed ‘good luck’ letters if you get in touch with enough notice. If your partner is a lover of literature, a first edition or signed copy of a book by their favourite author is sure to melt their hearts. You know what your partner loves so linking your gift to that is sure to be a hit.

Experience gifts are also incredibly popular and I love these – not only will you have something amazing to share with your partner but you’ll also have something to look forward to after your big day. It could be that you book tickets for a show, sporting event or gig that you know your partner will love or you could book an experience such as a hot air balloon trip, tour or anything that will make your partner smile. If your partner’s a committed foodie, book a romantic dinner at a fab restaurant. If they love history, how about a private tour around a site they love or have always wanted to visit? The only limit is your creativity and although organising these experiences might take a little longer, you know that your hard work will definitely be appreciated.

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Gifts for husbands morning of wedding, image by Amanda Karen Photography (2)

Finally, it’s important to know that some of the best gifts don’t have to be bought. Taking the time to create something from the heart can be the most meaningful and memorable of wedding day gifts. Handwrite a love letter, create a book full of your favourite memories from your time together, prepare a box full of ‘open when…’ notes or a box full of mementoes from all the experiences that you’ve shared. Gifts that show how much someone means to you might make your partner feel a little emotional, but if you can’t feel the love and cry a few happy tears on your wedding day, when can you?!

Until next time,

Amanda x

Words and images by Amanda Karen Photography

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