7 simple clues to finding the wedding venue of your dreams!

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Is one of your wedding venue options giving you butterflies in your stomach? One of the biggest wedding tasks is choosing the venue. It can be hard to know for sure when you are seeing the venue of your dreams, with so many beautiful options to choose from! Here are a few simple clues from The Wedding Guide – if you say YES to all of these, you will know when you have found THE venue for your wedding.

You’ve checked, and it’s definitely available!

One of the hardest parts of choosing a venue is finding one that is available for the date you have chosen for your big day. Especially for couples who are having their wedding during peak season, venue availability should be one of the top criteria on whether the venue is right for you. Don’t fall in love with a place until you know for sure it’s free on your date!

It fits your wedding venue checklist

You made a checklist together before your venue visits, and you’ve found somewhere which ticks every box: for example, you may outline that you want a venue with accommodation, or one that is close to a large hotel for out of town guests to use. Another may be the use of confetti at the venue. Think of some necessities that relate to your venue, then ensure these questions are asked when visiting different locations. If a venue can comply with your desires, you’re onto a winner!

It’s within budget

The dreaded ‘B’ word… Budget. You should make sure every aspect of the wedding is considered when planning out your budget. Yes, discounts and reductions can be requested but remember these are not always possible. Therefore, if you have found somewhere well out of your price range, don’t let this discourage you: reassure yourself you WILL find the venue of your dreams within budget.

It’s able to cater for all of your guests – and comfortably!

Consider your guest list. Ensure everyone you definitely want to attend your wedding can comfortably fit within the venue, come rain or shine! As well as guests, you will need to consider entertainment, staff and vendors for the amount of space as they will need sufficient room in order to successfully provide their services.

Your dream venue will work with your wedding style

Decorations can only do so much in regards to the theme. The venue itself will need to follow your ideal theme in order to truly represent your dream wedding. If you can see the theme running through the specific venue, it will be a strong choice!

You did not have to reassure yourself that you like it

You should not need to tell yourselves you like it, give reasons why you should have your wedding there or convince yourselves this is your ‘dream’ venue. Same as with your dress or photographer – you will know when you have found the one! No doubts, issues or problems will be in your way when you are seeing the ideal venue – trust your heart!

You can see yourselves here

Once all of the above has been considered, ultimately you need to envision your wedding being here. If you can clearly see how the day will look, feel and represent your marriage… you’ve found your dream wedding venue.

Written by Ellie for The Wedding Guide! On our website and within our guides, you can find trustworthy wedding suppliers, wedding fair information and endless inspiration on topics that YOU want to know about. The Wedding Guide has 30 years experience and boasts a range of dependable suppliers in Essex, London & Herts. Are you on the search for your wedding venue? Take a look at our suppliers, your dream venue awaits you!

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