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Hey lovelies! How many of you have thought about your confetti moment? If you’ve planned it, you’re an amazing genius and we salute you. (There might still be some brilliant tips here you can use!) If you haven’t really thought about it much, or you’re assuming your guests will just bring some confetti on the day, then read on. Because confetti is the funnest wedding tradition of all. It makes for amazing photos, it involves all of your guests, makes everyone laugh and smile, guarantees a few comedy moments and can be as beautiful as it is unforgettable… if you get it right.

confetti shots by Hertfordshire wedding photographer Becky Harley (3)

We LOVE confetti and we’re here to help you nail the magical confetti moment on your wedding day! Thanks to Becky Harley Photography for the gorgeous confetti photos and for the inspiration which went into this blog article! (Check out Becky’s lovely portfolio via the links at the end of the feature.)

1. We weren’t even going to bother… is it worth it?

Yes! If you don’t believe us now, you will on the day, and then you’ll double believe us when you get your wedding photos back. Confetti is totally worth it.

2. We’re excited about our confetti moment… but we don’t think our venue allows confetti?

Check in advance with your venue, and see what their confetti rules are. They might not allow anything (in which case, see point 3 below) – or they might restrict confetti to eco friendly, biodegradable stuff (so no plastic, glitter, or fabric confetti).

3. How to have confetti when your venue has a rule

It’s a little awkward, but many venues have imposed confetti regulations because of cheap and nasty confetti mess. We get it – but we can get around it! Respect their rules, but understand them (is it the mess they don’t like?) and improvise. The confetti moment is all about a huddle of your guests, with you in the middle, having non-painful things chucked at you, while you smile and your photographer snaps away blissfully. And it’s about the shot for your wedding album. So things that look gorgeous, colourful, fun will all suffice. Think bubbles, pom-poms, paper aeroplanes, ribbons and other things you can quickly and easily tidy up afterwards. Two of my best friends had paper rectangles in primary colours – they were still paper, but easy to pick up and collect afterwards, leaving no mess behind. And the photos were AMAZING. Also – remember to pick stuff you can throw that won’t hurt!

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4. Plan with your photographer for stunning pics of your ‘confetti moment’!

Whilst I don’t like to direct or stage anything on your wedding day, this is one moment where I will suggest ways to help you achieve the best photos possible. I prefer not to stage a moment where your guests just gather around and pelt you with flowers, but to weave the confetti moment more seamlessly into the day.
After the ceremony, if all your guests just follow you out, it can be a bit of an anti-climax. I suggest hiding out for five minutes somewhere, to take in the fact you’ve just got married (eeek!) together – just the two of you. While you’re enjoying a moment, have your bridesmaids and ushers on hand to dish out the confetti. I line up your guests, armed with confetti, and you create an epic moment of celebration as you make your exit through a confetti tunnel to cheers and whoops from your friends and family!
I always encourage guests to throw the confetti up in the air over you too, rather than directly in your faces!
” ~ Becky Harley Photography

5. Think you’ve got enough confetti? You haven’t! Double it!! Twice!!!

The more confetti you have, the better. A little handful for each of your female guests over 60 won’t be enough. We know they’re the main throwers; but for full impact and maximum fun you want everyone in the action: kids, ushers, aunties and friends. Buy more, and then buy more again. You’ll be fine now.

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6. It’s 2019 – You’ve got to be eco about it

One key top tip for wedding confetti is to think carefully about the type you buy, and from where. Everyone is more aware of the impact of plastics on the environment these days, and it’s important to make sure that your confetti is fully biodegradable. You don’t want to have lots of tiny bits of glitter or plastic sitting around for years, clogging up drains, being eaten by animals or being washed down the drain and ending up in the sea. When buying confetti for your wedding, ensure it’s full biodegradable. Natural petal confetti is a great idea – it floats well and looks so pretty!
You should also beware of dyed confetti. If it rains, confetti which has been dyed artificially can bleed and stain your dress, which is a big no-no. I always recommend the lovely Shropshire Petals for purchasing natural petal confetti. You can personalise your confetti mix, to ensure it matches your colour scheme perfectly.
Tissue paper confetti also works really well, as it falls and flutters slowly to the ground, giving a gorgeous effect. Some couples have hand made their own confetti in the past, from tissue paper in special shapes, or punched out from maps or pages of books. Be aware that this is a lot of work and will take longer than you think! Whatever you do, just make sure it’s fully biodegradable!
” ~ Becky Harley

7. Enjoy it!

You’ll be nervous before your wedding. You’ll be nervous when you wake up, when you arrive at the venue, when you say your vows, when you turn to face your guests on the way out. But there’s a moment when you step outside, hand in hand, look at each other and go phew! we got married! And all the nerves turn to happy joy. When all your guests surround you and throw the confetti, all of the happy joy beams out from your faces – and it’s framed with confetti. Trust me – it’s BEAUTIFUL. Relax, and just love how it feels.

I always tell my couples to look around and enjoy the moment as they make their confetti exit. You don’t want to be looking down at the ground, or directly at your photographer. Look around, look at each other and take in the moment! Perhaps stop and have a kiss half way down the line. Try not to walk too fast either, if you race down the line, your guests might miss you!”

confetti shots by Hertfordshire wedding photographer Becky Harley (4)

Contacts & booking – Becky Harley Photography (Herts.)
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Read Becky’s original wedding confetti advice article here

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