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by Julie Smith at Changing Faces in Devon

Did you know that make-up for a summer or a winter wedding is completely different? Brides are often worried that having professional make-up for their wedding means that they might end up looking orange and over painted, but experienced make-up artists know that different lighting changes make-up dramatically and they can make sure you look amazing whatever the season.

In summer, bright overhead sun throws shadows and bleaches skin tones while in winter the  sun is low but this greyer light can also look cold. In winter warmth and depth needs to be added as flash photography will often be used on cloudy or darker days. Your make-up will need to be adjusted to suit the cooler light.

Your winter wedding foundation will need to give a good coverage but still give a natural finish: a slightly more velvet, matte texture would be more appropriate on all but the very driest of skins. Avoid foundations with lots of light reflecting properties, which can illuminate imperfections if your photographer has to use flash. Today’s excellent foundations are so good they often eliminate the need for using powder, giving a younger look to your makeup.

Shading features can work as long as the effect is subtle! Blusher colour should be slightly deeper than for summer – again, this is because your photographer may have to use flash as the days get darker – it’s worth asking if they do! Your blush can have a slight shimmer to add radiance to the complexion but still define cheekbones, but avoid very sparkly textures.

Eyeshadows need to be chosen not only as a matter of taste but to define the shape of the eye. A mixture of pearl and matte textures can be used to achieve this. Mainly warm colours should be used as artificial lighting can drain warmth. Cooler tones can be added as a counterpoint.

If all you have ever worn is a natural toned lip gloss, stronger lip colour can seem scary but a make-up artist will reassure you that lip colours with a little more depth of texture and colour will be more flattering for your winter wedding. Your lips will look amazing in photos with just a touch stronger colour than you’re used to – if in doubt, ask your make up artist for their advice.

For every season primers and make-up fixers are a must to make sure that no matter how hot or nervous you are the make-up does not melt or streak or disappear. A good professional will offer a rehearsal as part of a booking so that together you can explore different looks  that will really work for you, whatever season you choose for your wedding.

Julie Smith
Creative Director & senior Make up Artist

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