Clare Lloyd Accessories

Bridal accessories by Clare Lloyd. Image credit Kate Cullen Photography

Clare Lloyd makes exquisite, heirloom bridal accessories in her Somerset studio.

Clare Lloyd Accessories – in a nutshell

  • bridal hair adornments
  • handcrafted
  • fabulous attention to detail
  • feminine and romantic
  • inspired by the natural world

Clare Lloyd creates beautiful and exquisite, luxurious and collectable bridal accessories and jewellery for women who are looking for something feminine and unashamedly romantic and who desire distinctive, delicate and meaningful designs. Attention to detail and immaculate handcrafted design is at the core of everything Clare makes and each and every piece is meticulously made by hand to the highest standards using the most exquisite materials and couture techniques. With each piece often taking many hours and sometimes days to create, Clare’s collection of work is the antithesis to today’s world of mass production.

Working from her studio in Frome, Somerset, Clare’s collection of beautiful and elegant adornments explore the intricate details of the natural world, a fascination with vintage design and, combined with a love of fine art, literature, heritage and modernity, Clare creates little works of art designed to stand the test of time and become beloved heirlooms to treasure.

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