Simple wedding styling ideas for a fine art wedding, image by Lara Rios Photography (4)

Sometimes I think it’s easier to style your wedding if you leave it almost until the last minute. It amazes me how quickly trends can change, and within eighteen months things like gypsophila, ombre and olive branches can all but disappear from our feeds. So today we’re talking about the top trends for wedding styling in 2018!

The key to a truly beautiful celebration is always to style your wedding to your personality rather than the trendiest looks you find in magazines. As a blogger though, I love to seek out next year’s trends – I kind of know where they’ll appear first and which will appeal to our English sense of style and elegance – and today I’m going to share my predictions for the coming year with you lovely lot.

Of course, I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts on any upcoming trends I’ve missed from the list. Are there colour palettes or details you’ve seen which are going to be huge? Head on over to our Facebook page to join in the discussion!


I’m a total paper freak. I love exploring art shops and specialist stationery suppliers’ little havens of handmade papers, running my hands along the torn edges of any new stock I can find. I know it’s weird.

But there’s a thing I can’t get out of my head: I read on a wedding blog a week or two ago that one of the key trends for 2018 wedding stationery would be paper.

Calligraphy wedding invitations from UK Calligrapher By Moon and Tide (4)

Photo: Olivia Bossert for a shoot for Wedding Sparrow

Not card, not pocketfolds, not even transparencies. Good old earthy, natural, handmade paper.

Calligraphy wedding invitations from UK Calligrapher By Moon and Tide (5)

Photo: Jess Petrie, featured on Wedding Sparrow. Illustration by Amy Swann

I’ve been writing on specialist papers for the last couple of years. It’s kind of what I do. I really love it – paper has a life all of its own and with every new calligraphy nib comes a new adventure in textured, woven, cotton rag or hand dyed paper.


The last thing I want to do is suggest anyone fall in with the crowd and style their wedding for this year’s fashions. And yet… there’s a wonderful appeal to creating something new for your wedding, something your friends and family didn’t see at last year’s weddings, right?

I don’t follow trends in fashion; but what I see online does influence my tastes. I love messy foliage, tumbledowny style and design, upcycling and art. They impact on my home life, my calligraphy studio, the things I buy.

The same applies with weddings: we’re exposed to so many beautiful things online that we can’t help wanting a little piece of them… and this is what we’ll be seeing more of in 2016.

Feel free to run with these ideas and create something magical, or to ignore them entirely and pour your own fabulously creative style into your day.

1. Foliage | woodland | elfin brides


Creativity is what lights my fire. Always. Seeing new ideas, discovering beautiful things and learning from amazing people all float my boat. I see a LOT of weddings and style ideas on social media, and I’m always second guessing what’s going to be huge on the wedding scene over the next few months.

old rectory handsworth wedding blog taylor hughes photography (47)

Image credits: Taylor Hughes Photography as featured on the English Wedding Blog back in September

I baffle some of my photographer friends. I probably annoy other suppliers when I say I don’t want to feature their styled shoots. I’m not a fence-sitter when it comes to weddings: I’ll either leap off the fence yelling in happiness when I see something beautiful I can feature, or I’ll hide behind the fence sulking when I get a submission which is… a little bit 1992.


Gone are the days when magazine editors dictated trends. Yay!!! Brides and grooms sharing ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and blogs – and the thousands of real weddings we see online – now set trends for weddings. It’s the images you love, and share, and the things you actually buy, which decide what’s hot or not. Don’t let the magazine editors tell you how to style your day. I asked designers, stylists and photographers what UK brides are really choosing for their 2015 weddings – and they revealed 34 trends you’re already turning into big news for 2015!

So here are 34 REAL predictions for 2015 wedding trends, inspired by the most amazing weddings of 2014 and the designs already in demand by 2015 brides and grooms. Enjoy.
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wedding photography Kent

Image credit Benjamin Toms, Kent wedding photographer

2015 wedding themes

  1. Botanical styling: flowers, leaves & illustration
    Flowers are everywhere this year, and bouquets and displays with mega impact are going to be a huge trend. If I was planning a wedding in 2015 I’d start with my flowers, for sure. Then I’d find stationery to incorporate botanical flower sketches, give seeds as favours, and make sure I didn’t leave my flower crown at home!

When I started my wedding business in 2005 wedding themes were either pink, purple or red. Now they’re vintage, Hollywood glamour or festival. Have we moved on from strong colour themes to a new focus on style?

Vintage wedding styling image by Lumiere Photography

Photo credit Lumiere Photography – click for more

I think it’s an exciting change. Choosing an era or strong style for wedding decor is a more creative approach than limiting yourself to a single colour and trying to make everything match. Ten years ago a mismatched wedding was almost unthinkable – and now it’s one of my favourite styles.

Michael from Paper Themes told me, “There has definitely been a shift towards couples choosing wedding ‘themes’ over colours, with trends such as ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ being the favourite. Themes, of course, allow for a range of colours, textures and visual elements to be incorporated into your big day rather than just one main colour. That’s not to say that colour themes aren’t still important however. Colours such as navy and purple have been very popular during 2013 and I believe will continue to be so in 2014.”